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May date 'very realistic' for possible Silva vs. St-Pierre superfight, Dana White says

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MONTREAL -- The echo of Bruce Buffer's voice announcing Georges St-Pierre as the winner of UFC 154's main event had barely faded away before rampant speculation about the welterweight champion's possible pairing with middleweight champ Anderson Silva hit overdrive.

With Carlos Condit out of the way, St-Pierre will have a decision to make, but will be given some time to make it. UFC president Dana White said he doesn't plan to reach out to GSP for at least 10 days, offering him some recovery time before beginning negotiations on the fight that would likely produce the biggest revenue date in company history.

White confirmed that the promotion would like to target a May date, and said such a time frame would be "very realistic," offering St-Pierre a chance to heal up from a hard-fought, five-round battle.

The champion did not tip his hand on what he was thinking, saying his immediate thoughts were on vacation after his rehabilitation from knee surgery, followed by an eight-week training camp and a grueling fight. It's time off he's earned, but the specter of Silva will still follow him.

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St-Pierre did however indicate that he'd consider the possibility, particularly if Silva would be willing to come all the way down to 170 instead of meeting him at a catch weight of 177 or 178 as Silva has suggested.

"I know Anderson has fought [in his] late 20s at 168," he said. "I don't know what he walks around. I know he’s a pretty big guy. He's an amazing guy, he went up in weight class. Me personally? My weight, I cannot go up and drop like that. I can't do that with my body. Some guys can play with their weight more easy than me. Me, I cannot go up and down too much. We need to talk about it. I don't know how he can come down. I'll fight anyone at 170."

White said even if Silva did agree to meet St-Pierre at the welterweight limit of 170, the title would probably not be on the line because Silva wouldn't be likely to stay in the division and defend the belt.

But the fight would still likely do monster box-office numbers, with White saying it would be held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, a stadium in Brazil or Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. If the bout was held in the last of those three options, White said the goal would be to draw 100,000 people.

"That's why we're going there," he said. "I hope we sell [100,000]."

It would also be a huge payday for both men, and White said he didn't expect to have any problem with contracts if either man demanded a bigger piece of the pie.

"The thing is, all the stuff that needs to be done behind the scenes is what we do," he said. "This is what we do. This is the business that we're in. We'll get all that done, it's just a matter of sitting down and seeing what's right for everybody. I want Anderson Silva to love this fight and want this fight. I want Georges to love this fight and want it. They're both going to make a s---load of money. That's a no-brainer. I want them to want it for the right reasons. This is a legacy fight."