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UFC on FUEL 6 Undercard Live Blog: Caceres vs. Tezuka, More

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Keep up with all the UFC on FUEL 6 undercard action from Macau.

Anton Tabuena, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC on FUEL 6 undercard live blog for the Franklin vs. Le event at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China.

There will be three fights on the undercard. Alex Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka, Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. John Lineker and Riki Fukuda vs. Tom DeBlass will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the live blog below.

Riki Fukuda vs. Tom DeBlass

Round 1: The arena is already full, and the crowd gives DeBlass and Fukuda a good ovation. Looks like Macau is really excited for their first UFC event. Nice kick by DeBlass, and answered by Fukuda. Riki shoots and immediately gets a takedown. The Japanese fighter lands a few short punches from the full guard. More GnP. Crowd starts chanting Riki, then DeBlass gets up. Riki with a nice right. DeBlass with a good counter as Riki comes in. Both guys land punches. Riki still pressing, but DeBlass lands some good counters. DeBlass complains about an eye poke, and was given time to recover. Back on now and Riki attempts a single leg. DeBlass defends and they separate. Crowd appreciates the sequence. Every time Riki attempts a jab, DeBlass effectively counters. Fukuda bleeding now, but lands 2 good kicks. High kick partially blocked for Deblass and Fukuda takes him down again. Close round, but I'm going with 10-9 DeBlass as he landed the more solid shots.

Round 2: Fukuda presses forward again. Clinches with DeBlass and lands a few good knees and dirty boxing by the fence. Riki with a high kick that's partially blocked. DeBlass lands a few punches, then Fukuda answers with 2 body kicks. DeBlass with a big right hand that lands. Riki pushes him to the fence and lands good knees. Fukuda is doing much better this round, but DeBlass still able to land with a counter straight he's been getting the whole fight. Fukuda clinches again and more dirty boxing. Both men exchange right hands. Front kicks by Riki and then they clinch and dirty box again. Front kick again from Riki. They're brawling by the fence and Riki seems to get the better of it. They exchange rights as the round ends. 10-9 Fukuda.

Crowd goes wild for Jessica C.

Round 3: Missed front kick from DeBlass. Both guys land big on the clinch, but now it's Riki pushing him to the fence and landing big uppercuts. Takedown from a body lock by Riki Full guard and Riki is landing a few short punches. Not much action, but Riki maintains top position and lands the occasional punch. Riki passes to half guard briefly and DeBlass puts him back to full guard. Half guard again. Riki landing better shots now. Ref stands him up. DeBlass lands a counter left. Riki lands well on the clinch. Riki landing on the fence again and he's winning the round handilly. They brawl till the final bell. It's 10-9 Fukuda again, and it should earn him the decision.

Official Scores: Riki Fukuda def. Tom DeBlass by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 twice).

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. John Lineker
Round 1: Good ovation for the flyweights. Lineker with a good kick early. Urushitani misses with 2 kicks. Leg kick followed by a high kick from Urushitani. They trade leg kicks. Lineker with a body punch. Another exchange of kicks. Both guys keep missing and they can't seem to find the range early. Nice stiff jab from Lineker. Both men land right hands. Jab from Urushitani. Fakes a spin attack. and Linek lands 2 punches. Urushitani with 2 good knees that the crowd appreciates. Leg kick from Urushitani. The Japanese fighter is doing a good job of staying out of the range of lineker. Urushitani with a lead hook, then lineker counters and drops Urushitani. Lineker rushes, and Urushitani drops him with a right. Great finish to the round. It's close, but 10-9 for Urushitani.

Round 2: Lineker landing good shots, and counters. Urushitani with a good jab and a headkick, but Lineker lands big shots to the body when they clinch. Crowd starts chanting "Brazil". Lineker lands big punches to the body and now lands to the head. Urushitani just takes them, and doesn't show signs of being hurt. Good lead hook from Lineker... and another. Leg kick from Lineker and a right hand to the body. Urushitani slips then gets poked in the eye. Crowd boos, but that looked like it hurt. Lineker with more power shots to the body. Nice straight left from Urushitani. Follows up with a leg kick and a right hand combination. Leg kick from Lineker, and then lands a good left. More kicks from Lineker. 10-9 Lineker, clearly.

Round 3: They exchange low kicks, then Lineker lands 2 big punches that drops Urushitani. Fake spin, then high kick by Urushitani that gets partially blocked. Leg kick from Urushitani. Big left hook from Lineker lands cleanly. Nice jab by Urushitani. Lineker andwers with a Jab and a right hand. Another big left hook from Lineker. Urushitani fakes a takedown. Lineker keeps landing that left hook over and over. Right hand lands after a failed flying knee attempt, and Urushitani is hurt. He wobbles around and survives, and now he seems to have recovered. Body kick from Urushitani, followed by a 1-2 from Lineker. They clinch, and Lineker presses him to the fence. They separate. Left hook lands again for the Brazilian. Another flying knee from Urushitani that gets him into trouble as Lineker keeps countering perfectly. Crowd goes wild as the bell ends. 10-9 for Lineker and it should earn him the decision.

Official Scores: John Lineker def. Yasuhiro Urushitani by Unanimous Decision (29-28 twice, 30-27)

Alex Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka
Round 1: Tezuka walks in with a mask and a large bead necklace. Alex Caceres, as always, looks happy and pumped up walking to the Octagon. Bruce Leeroy gets a good ovation from the crowd as he is introduced. Leg kick from Caceres followed by a jab to the body and another body kick. Leg kick from Tezuka. Side kick from Caceres, and a weird punch attempt to the leg. Leg kick from Tezuka. Takedown attempt from Tezuka and he gets it. Caceres attempts what looked to be a triangle before Tezuka immediately passes to side control. Tezuka isn't doing much from side control, and is just holding him down. Crowd boos. They get stood up. Caceres with a good straight left and Tezuka shoots. Caceres defends well and Tezuka attempts another takedown by the fence. Caceres defends and gets on top, then Tezuka tries to get a leg. Caceres defends gets his back. Caceres ends the round on top landing a few punches. The ending sequence wins him the round for me after an uneventful start. 10-9 Caceres.

Tezuka's cornerman slaps him a bit in between rounds to wake him up I guess.

Round 2: Spinning back kick from Caceres. Leg kick from Tezuka. Good straight from Caceres and he defends another shoot from Tezuka. Caceres gets taken down after a missed side kick. Tezuka on top and again isn't doing much. Caceres lands a few short elbows from his back, then pushes off and gets back to his feet. Leg kick from Caceres. Good knee followed by an elbow from Caceres. Another takedown attempt from Tezuka, and Caceres defends. Leeroy lands a few punches. Tezuka doesn't have much offense. Side kick from Caceres, and Tezuka just taunts him. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 3: Head kick from Caceres and he slips. He slips again after he gets up. Tezuka clinches with him and Caceres separates. Caceres with a nice jab. Leg kick from Caceres followed by a right hook. Jab then head kick from Caceres. Tezuka is still having trouble with Caceres' reach and distance. Another takedown attempt from Tezuka that Caceres defends. Crowd starts chanting "Leeroy". Stiff jab from Caceres, and another. Tezuka isn't landing much standing up and gets countered every time. Tezuka tries to taunt and bait, but he just gets countered again and again. Knee from Caceres attempts a reverse triangle after a takedown right as the bell ends. 10-9 Caceres again.

Official Scores: Alex Caceres def. Motonobu Tezuka by Split Decision (29-28 Tezuka, 30-27, 29-28 for Caceres)

Where did that Tezuka scorecard come from?