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Soo Chul Kim, Kotetsu Boku become first One FC champions

Underdogs Soo Chul Kim and Kotetsu Boku surprised oddsmakers and critics by becoming the first two One FC champions in the organization's brief history at One FC 6.

One FC

When it came to handing out title in Singapore at ONE FC 6, it was the unexpected and unheralded who had their day. Korean Soo Chul Kim and Japanese Kotetsu Boku shocked their respective opponents to become the first One FC bantamweight and lightweight champions, respectively.

Kim, a reasonably talented but journeyman fighter from South Korea, looked eager but outmatched in the first round against Leandro Issa. He had difficulty connecting with strikes, largely letting Issa dictate both the position and complexion of the fight through the first round.

By the time the bell rang to initiate the second frame, Kim charged across the ring and connected with a right straight that sent Issa crumbling to the mat. Kim followed up quickly with a few punches on the prostrate Issa, leaving referee Kenichi Serizawa no choice but to call a halt to the action.

Kim stopped Issa in just 15 seconds in the second round, thereby becoming the One FC bantamweight champion.

Boku's fate at featherweight wasn't very different. Despite rocking Zorobabel Moreira in the first round with a blistering right, he spent the vast majority of the fight on the defensive in virtually every phase of the game.

Moreira was largely the hunter through nearly three rounds, attacking with aggressive strikes (particularly effective leg kicks), controlling cage position and using his superior grappling to leave Boku in throes of near desperation on the mat.

By the late third round, however, lightning struck twice in a bottle for Boku who landed another bruising right hand immediately put Moreira on wobbly legs. Boku fired off several more punches - all of them connecting - while Moreira tried desperately to stay on his feet.

The end came from referee stoppage by Yuji Shimata at 1:02 of round 3. Boku becomes the first-ever One FC lightweight champion.

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