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Chris Weidman's home hit hard by Hurricane Sandy (updated)

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Among the millions of people affected by Hurricane Sandy were UFC fighter Chris Weidman and his family.

According to Ryan Bader, who is managed by Dave Martin and the Martin Advisory Group along with Weidman, the middleweight contender "lost his home" during the storm. Bader tweeted the unfortunate news Tuesday afternoon. The Weidmans live on Long Island, N.Y.

Weidman told on Tuesday evening that he is safe, and according to Martin, so are his wife and kids.

Martin confirmed with that Weidman's house was hit "pretty bad" but did not know the extent of the damages. He said he spoke to Weidman Tuesday morning but their conversation was cut short, and he has been unable to reach out to him since.

As of Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Long Island homes were without power.

Update: Weidman spoke to to via text message about his situation Tuesday evening.

"Everyone is good," he wrote. "My family was out, and I stayed back to manage the damage going on. First floor, garage, backyard, [and] deck all pretty much destroyed.

"We lost a lot of stuff but as long as we are healthy that's all that matters. I actually documented a lot through video and pics. We had water up to my chest in some parts of my house."