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UFC 153 live blog: Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva

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The third fight of the night at UFC 153 is Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva. This is a welterweight fight, meaning 170 pounds. This bout is scheduled for three, five-minute rounds. The referee in charge of the action is Marc Goddard.

Round 1: Both fighters open orthodox, but Silva using a more open stance as well as switching stances. Silva throws a knee to the body, but Fitch catches it, changes direction and forces him to the mat off a trip. Silva is trying to stand, but Fitch is behind him and now has a hook in. It's not very secure as the time of this writing, but Fitch is pound him with right hands. Fitch lets it go, but drags Silva to the mat again. Fitch briefly attempted a standing arm triangle, but lets it go and they resume action in the center of the cage. Silva wings a right hand over the top and they clinch. The two clinch in the center of the cage again, but Fitch transitions to a single leg attempt. He then moves to a double and gets it, but Silva is still trying to stand. Another brief struggle, but now Fitch has Silva's back.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Fitch

Round 2: Silva back to switching stances and eats an uppercut after missing on spinning back fist. Silva, however, hits a foot sweep, but Fitch is trying to reverse. He stands, breaks Silva's grip and they resume action in the center. He fires a knee to Silva's midsection, but it wasn't overly powerful. Fitch now pressing Silva into the fence hunting for a single or double. Fitch tries for a slide-by and slips off. Now Silva takes Fitch's back and it appears the choke with Silva is incredingly tight. And somehow Fitch manages to get out of it. Fitch reverses in guard and is pounding on him. Now Fitch takes Silva's back and attempts an arm bar.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Silva

Round 3: Fitch immediately wraps Silva up and body lock trips him to the mat. He's already pounding on him as he takes Silva's back. Silva is exhausted, but as Fitch transitions to a submission he slips off. Before Silva can do anything, however, Fitch is back on his legs and taking him down. Silva tries to stand again, but Fitch drags him back down again. Silva is getting abused here as Fitch rides him from full back mount. Silva rolls but he's got nothing for Fitch as the American tees off on him from mount.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Fitch and the bout 29-28.

Jon Fitch def. Erick Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)