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UFC on FOX 2 Undercard Live Blog: Dunham vs. Lentz, Russow-Einemo, More

Mike Russow faces Jon Olav Einemo at UFC on FOX 2 in Chicago.UFC

on FOX undercard live blog for all the preliminary bouts on tonight's card from the United Center.

Chris Camozzi

vs. Dustin Jacoby bout. At 5:00 p.m., the rest of the six preliminary bouts will air on FUEL TV. The main card will begin at 8:00 p.m. on FOX.

Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: Lentz fires an overhand right and Dunham responds with the same. Lentz takes down Dunham but Dunham quickly returns to his feet. Lentz comes forward with a punch combo and dives for a leg, and misses. Lentz lands a right and scores a huge takedown. As Dunham rises to his feet, Lentz walks around to take a front headlock. Dunham pops his head out and they battle for position in clinch. Dunham perfectly times a shot and grabs a guillotine. He's unable to finish though and gets dumped on the floor. Dunham digs for the takedown and scores the double-leg with 55 seconds left. Dunham lands a big right right before the sound of the bell. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Lentz.

Round 2: Dunham walks forward with a jab and shoots. Dunham tries to slam but has to put Lentz down gently after Lentz grabs ahold of a guillotine. Lentz is doing a great job with kicks off his back to create the distance to escape. Dunham scores on a jab-cross. Lentz shoots and Dunham stuffs it with a headlock. They exchanged punches to the delight of the crowd with both men connecting. Dunham puts Lentz on his back and lands heavy punches. Dunham grabs a choke that allows him to take side control for punches and elbows. Lentz places Dunham back into guard but he's still eating punches. Dunham with a right hand as Lentz tries to get back to his feet. Lentz attempts a trip takedown only to eat a knee. Dunham lands a left hand and Lentz's face is a mess. MMA Fighting scores round two 10-9 for Dunham.

Lentz's left eye is in bad shape. His swollen left eye is nearly shut and there's nasty cut underneath. The fight is called off.

Dunham wins via TKO (doctor stoppage) - Round 2 (5:00)

"I started slow and not very sharp, but by the end of the first I felt much better," Dunham said. "I knew I had his number and I was going to take this fight. I completely dominated the second round and I was ready to finish him in the third. When I heard the decision that the doctors stopped it, I was a little bummed out. As a fighter, you want to prove to yourself that you can finish the fight. I'll take the W, but I would have preferred to finish it on my terms."

Jon Olav Einemo vs. Mike Russow

Round 1: Russow throws a left to immediately set up the takedown. Russow finishes it inside Einemo's guard. Russow backs off and Einemo returns to his feet. Russow throws a combo to close the distance for another takedown attempt. Einemo defends this time. Chants of "CPD" (Chicago Police Department) for Russow. Russow scores another takedown with 2:10 left and into Einemo's halfguard. Einemo escapes to full guard. Einemo eyes a kimura as "Let's go Russow" chants grow louder. Russow stands up and enters Einemo's halfguard. But once again, not for long, as Einemo places Russow into full guard. With seconds left, Eineimo sweeps with a right butterfly hook to take full mount. MMA Fighting scores round one 10-9 for Russow.

Round 2: Russow lands a left hand and secures the takedown inside the guard of Einemo. Russow cautiously drills right hands to the face of Einemo. The Golden Glory fighter targets an armbar and Russow stands up to avoid it. Russow is trying to take side control but Einemo is making it too difficult to pass. Russow drives short elbows to Einemo's body. At 29 seconds, referee Herb Dean stans them up. Einemo is bleeding from his nose. Russow takes him down again and the round ends with Russow resting in Einemo's closed guard. MMA Fighting also scores round two 10-9 for Russow.

Round 3: Russow grabs a single-leg but is unable to finish. Einemo lands a hard right hand. Einemo follows with aknee. Enimo scores on another right hand. Einemo with a knee to the face as Russow shoots. Russow weathers the strikes and goes for the takedown. Einemo slaps on an armbar but Russow frees his arm and stands up to escape. Russow continues to look to pass. Dean stands them up. Einemo lands dangerous knees, but Russow somehow absorbs them and puts Einemo on his back. Russow wasn't very effective on the ground and he's not winning over any new fans, but he did exactly what he had to do to win. MMA Fighting scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Russow.

Russow wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

"I am really surprised by the total amount of time we spent on the mat," Russow said. "I was really looking to keep it on the feet and to box him as much as possible. He almost got me with those knees in the later rounds. Those about put me out, but I collected myself and finished the round. I can't believe I'm 4-0 in the UFC right now. It's unbelievable. To have this fight in my hometown of Chicago and to have the fans cheering for me like they did ... I couldn't ask for anything better. "

George Roop vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1: Roop is active early on with a variety of kicks, taking advantage of his long limbs. Swanson begins to find his range and comes charging in, stunning Roop. Roop shoots for the double-leg and Swanson defends with a hip toss. Back on their feet, Swanson catchs a leg kick and puts Roop on his back. MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 for Swanson.

Round 2: Swanson stalks. They clinch and Roop's corner warns him of the hip toss. Swanson jabs and connects hard on an overhand right hand that sends Roop's mouthpiece flying out and Roop to the floor. Swanson finishes with punches for his first UFC win.

Swanson wins via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 2:22

"I knew I had to be patient and feel him out," Swanson said. "He's a lanky guy who can catch you if you're not ready. That shot just connected and rocked him and put him on his back. I wanted to make sure that I had finished it because it all happened so fast. I'm going to take about two weeks off and see how I feel. I might be looking to get back in here pretty quickly after a win like this."

Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely

Round 1: Oliveira takes center, working for leg kicks as Wisely circles around the cage. Oliveira catches a low kick and takes down Wisely. Oliveira, still standing, times right hands to Wisely's face. Oliveira ends up sitting back for the leglock. Wisely steps over to escape, but Oliveira rolls with him and traps him in a calf-slicer for the painful submission. Another highlight finish for the youngster in his featherweight debut.

Oliveira wins via submission (calf-crusher) - Round 1, 1:43

"It felt amazing to walk out and hear the energy of the crowd here in Chicago," Oliveria said. "I was extremely confident and proud going into this fight and I knew that God would be with me. My training for this fight has been perfect and I could not wait to show the UFC fans what I am capable of. I have practiced my submissions endlessly and it was easy to look for that opportunity to finish the fight. I am ready for the next challenge inside the Octagon."

Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: The southpaw Johnson flickers out fast jabs. Roller comes forward and he's met with a fast punches. A straight left catches Roller. Roller soon after shoots and Johnson defends. Roller shoots and Johnson defends, easily. Another takedown attempt finds the two clinched against the cage. Johnson is showing really great boxing and footwork against Roller. Roller falls short on another takedown attempt. On the feet, Roller relies on huge overhands as he eyes openings for the takedown. With seconds left, Johnson glances a beautiful flying knee to Roller's chin. MMA Fighting scores round one 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson throws one-two punches and clinches with Roller. Roller attempts a trip takedown but Johnson maintains balance. Roller throws power punches that miss the mark. Roller attempts another takedown, but Johnson defends and puts Roller on his back. Wow. Roller has been trying for the takedown the entire fight and he's the one that ends up on his back. Johnson throws elbows inside the guard of Roller. Roller sits back and uses the fence to stand up. Johnson lands a straight left and follows up with more punishing shots. Roller shoots and almost takes Johnson's back. Round two ends with Johnson pressed against the cage. MMA Fighting scores round two 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson's counter straight left has been effective in pushing Roller back anytime Roller wants to throw a combo. Roller shoots and this time takes Johnson's back. Roller flattents Johnson. and rains down left and right hands. Referee Herb Dean pauses thh ground and pound to warn Johnson of illegal punches to the back of the head. Roller continues to punish Johnson. When Johnson rolls, Roller goes to work on the rear-naked choke. Roller locks the body triangle as he tries to sneak an arm underneath Johnson's chin. After taking time to wear Johnson down with punches, Roller goes back to work for the rear-naked choke with about 1:37 left in the fight. Johnson escapes with 64 seconds left, turning into Roller's guard. Johnson stands up to bring the fight back to the feet. Johnson comes firing away but one kick lands low and the fight is paused. Johnson throws aggressively to close the fight. Johnson's escape and aggressiveness towards the end likely saved him the fight. Could have been a 10-8 round otherwise, making the fight a draw. MMA Fighting scores the third round 10-9 for Roller.

Johnson wins via unanimous decision (29-28 3x)

"I felt like my wrestling defense and my entire game was just so much better all around," Johnson said. "I was a little nervous in the third round, but I didn't panic and I kept in constant communication with Herb Dean that I was OK and that some of the shots were to the back of my head. I eventually got myself turned around and got back in a dominant position inside the Octagon. This was a good win for me, but I've got some work to do in the gym to get myself to where I ultimately want to be. I've got my eyes set on top ten status and hopefully title talk sooner rather than later."

Joey Beltran vs. Lavar Johnson

Round 1: As soon as the fight begins, Beltran shakes his head to signal to Johnson that no glove-touch will be necessary. Johnson lands a straight right that sends Beltran down on his butt. Beltran quickly recovers and they engage in clinch. Beltran likes to swing but he doesn't look at all confident. Johnson lands an overhand right and follows with punches with Beltran backed against the cage. Johnson walks forward with jabs. Beltran attempts another shot and it's easily stuffed. Johnson, once again trapping Beltran against the cage, unleashes more punches. Beltran battles back with right hands on the body of Johnson. Johnson smiles. Johnson lands an uppercut, overhand and unloads on a stunned Beltran. Another four huge unanswered uppercuts and Beltran falls to the floor, out cold. A very dominant win for the former Strikeforce heavyweight.

Johnson wins via KO - Round 1, 4:24

"Beltran is the real deal. He's as tough and powerful as everyone said he was," Johnson said. "I landed some hard shots and he stayed in there. I stayed calm and composed and picked my shots and I knew one would eventually land where I needed it to. I knew I had him when I got him with that uppercut and I just kept putting it on him until he dropped."

Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Jacoby opens with a leg kick followed by a kick to the body. Camozzi throws a short punch combo as a set up for a takedown. Jacoby easily defends, grabbing Camozzi's neck and then shrugging the southpaw against the cage. Camozzi misses the mark on an inside leg kick, connecting instead on Jacoby below the belt. Jacoby receives a moment to rest. Back on, Camozzi lands a hard leg kick. Camozzi connects with a nice uppercut followed by a right hand. Jacoby lands with a kick to the body. Now, Jacoby hits an accidental kick to the groin and Camozzi takes a rest. Jacoby lands with left hooks. Camozzi tries to rush Jacoby. Camozzi lands a nice left hand. Camozzi reaches for a single-leg but Jacoby makes him pay with a left hook. Camozzi leaps with a right hook and drops Jacoby with 10 seconds left to steal the round. MMA scores round one 10-9 in favor of Camozzi.

Round 2: Camozzi tries the leaping right hook again but this time Jacoby is ready for it. Camozzi later attempts it again and makes contact. Midway through the second round Jacoby lands another kick to the groin that calls for a timeout. Camozzi's striking does not look pretty, but he's confidently moving forward and throwing. Jacoby connects with a right hand and is finding a little more success with his counterboxing in the closing moments. Tough round to score. Camozzi should win it with his general control of the fight. scores the second round 10-9 for Camozzi.

Round 3: Camozzi stalks and lands a straight left. Jacoby comes over the top with a left hand. Perhaps knowing the he might be down on the scorecards, Jacoby comes out aggressively. However, he slips on a kick and Camozzi quickly capitalizes by grabbing a standing, front headlock. Camozzi secures the "ten-finger guillotine" and forces Jacoby to tap.

Camozzi wins via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 3, 1:08

Camozzi says he dislocated a finger in the second and that's why he was favoring jabs and hooks.

"I felt like my timing with strikes was on and that was what I needed to keep good distance from him," Camozzi said. "I dropped him once with a hook and I knew that I could use my striking to dictate the rest of the bout. A little into the third round, I heard my coach tell me to 'go for the kick.' I did and that allowed me to setup the ten-finger guillotine to put him out."

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