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Anthony Johnson Weighs In at 204.2, Vitor Belfort Fight Is On at UFC 142

Anthony Johnson vs. Vitor Belfort is on at UFC 142.

Johnson, who weighed in at an absurd 197 pounds on Friday, showed up to his unusual second weigh-in on Saturday at 204.2 pounds -- way over the contracted weight of 186 pounds, but low enough that Belfort is willing to take the fight. Belfort, who came in at 186 pounds on Friday, had said he would refuse to fight Johnson if Johnson couldn't weigh in below 205 pounds on fight day.

UFC President Dana White was furious at Johnson for missing weight, but Johnson didn't seem to care. Johnson posted a statement on his Facebook page saying he's "laughing at" the people who have criticized him and adding, "I don't give a f--k." Johnson claims he has a medical issue that required him to get intravenous fluids, and that's why he couldn't cut weight on Friday.

But while Johnson may not care, it's clear that White does. If Johnson loses to Belfort on Saturday night, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see the UFC release him.

So the fight is a must-win situation for Johnson in a hostile environment against Belfort, who's one of the most popular fighters in Brazil. But at least the fight is on: Johnson is overweight, but he's close enough that Belfort is willing to fight him.