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Robbie Lawler Beats Adlan Amagov by Stunning Knockout

Robbie LawlerRobbie Lawler knocked out Adlan Amagov in the first round of one of the strangest fights you'll ever see on Saturday night, one in which Amagov committed a blatantly illegal knee to the head, then got finished thanks to a legal knee to the head from Lawler.

When the fight started, Amagov seemed to surprise Lawler by going for a takedown. That takedown was successful, but Amagov then landed a blatantly illegal knee to Lawler's head on the ground, leading to a point deduction for Amagov.

After Lawler got a moment to compose himself and the fight re-started, he charged forward with a flying knee that appeared to only graze Amagov's head -- but which was enough to knock Amagov down, face-first. Lawler jumped on Amagov and bashed him with punches, and referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in to stop the fight.

The whole fight lasted just 1 minute, 48 seconds.

"I'm happy to win. I'm going to go back to the drawing board, work on my skills and look to knock people out in 2012," Lawler said afterward.

Lawler is off to a good start on that front -- his knockout victory over Amagov was impressive, even if it was also an early contender for one of the oddest fights of the year.

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