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WWE Champion CM Punk to Escort Chael Sonnen to Octagon Prior to FOX Fight

CM PunkThe "best in the world" will team up with the "undefeated and undisputed UFC middleweight champion" on Jan. 28 at the United Center in Chicago.

World Wrestling Entertainment champion CM Punk will escort Chael Sonnen to the cage prior to Sonnen's fight against Mark Munoz live on FOX, according to sources close to Sonnen's camp. When reached for a comment, both Sonnen and Punk, a proud native of Chicago, as well as a long-time MMA fan, would not confirm the story, which was first reported by poster FrontRowBrian Tuesday night.

The pairing makes sense considering Punk's strong ties to the Chicago-area and love of MMA, plus Sonnen's interest in the world of professional wrestling. Still no word on whether Sonnen will come out to Punk's theme song, "Cult of Personality," by Living Colour.

According to the same sources, Punk will not corner Sonnen during the fight. He will simply walk Sonnen to the cage, much like former WWE champion Batista did with Manny Pacquaio prior to "Pac Man's" May 2009 bout against Ricky Hatton.

Punk was recently a guest on The MMA Hour, talking about the relationship between MMA and pro wrestling. You can watch his appearance here.

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