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UFC 135 Live Blog: Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt Updates

Ben Rothwell faces Mark Hunt at UFC 135.UFC 135Ben RothwellMark HuntUFC

pay-per-view from the Pepsi Center.

Rothwell (31-7) last fought at UFC 115 in June 2010, beating Gilbert Yvel via unanimous decision. Hunt (6-7) won his first fight in nearly five years in February by knocking out Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 127.

Round 1: Rothwell paws his way forward with the jab and Hunt responds with a big hook to remind him of his power. Rothwell must have gotten the message, because he shoots for a takedown on Hunt, who slips easily away like a skilled matador. Big hook by Hunt thumps off Rothwell's skull. Hunt fires off a couple more left hooks as Rothwell continues forward, and one of them makes Rothwell's legs betray a slight wobble. His forehead is bright red already, but he's still coming. Rothwell times one of the hooks well and drops under for a double-leg, going right to mount. Hunt is active off his back, however, and Rothwell can't keep him down for long. Rothwell keeps looking for that takedown, but Hunt defends well and even manages to flip him over to his back before Rothwell rises up clinging to Hunt's shorts. Hunt looks over at referee Adam Martinez, who doesn't seem inclined to do much about it. Rothwell is cut around his right eye and looking weary, but he manages one more takedown and ends the round on top of Hunt. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Hunt.

Round 2: Hunt lunges in with that left hook and backs Rothwell up. Leg kick by Hunt bends Rothwell at the knee. Moments later he does it again. Rothwell tries to get in close and nearly gets decapitated by a Hunt uppercut that just misses. Rothwell backs him against the fence, but it's Hunt who gets the takedown and batters Rothwell's face with hammer fists from the top. Hunt's corner is encouraging him to stand back up, but he's having success out of Rothwell's guard at the moment, so he's content to stay there. Rothwell tries to climb his legs up for an armbar or triangle, but Hunt hammers him with a right and moves to side control. Rothwell is gushing blood now, and he rolls away from the fence, giving Hunt his back. Hunt steps over for an armbar with less than 20 seconds left, and he may get it. Rothwell looks bloodied and battered, but he holds on until the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-8 for Hunt.

Round 3: They took a long look at Rothwell's cut before starting the third. He managed to shoo them away, but he's so tired he can barely stand. Hunt senses the finish and goes right after him to start the final frame. Rothwell shoots for a desperate takedown attempt and misses. Hunt nails him with a bomb as he's getting back up, and Rothwell is wobbling all over the place. He keeps looking for that takedown, but in the process finds himself on his back. After a referree stand-up there's only more punishment and more failed takedowns for the weary Rothwell. Hunt almost turns his back, as if he doesn't even want to hit him anymore. Rothwell staggers forward and spits a little blood out of his mouth. Hunt drops for a double-leg and gets it. Hunt is pounding on Rothwell from side control, but for some reason referee Adam Martinez stands them up. That's a no-no, Mr. Martinez, even if the crowd likes it. Hunt nails Rothwell with an uppercut and head kick after the restart, but the big man is still standing with 30 seconds left. Hunt shoots for a takedown that's unpopular with a crowd that would rather seem him continue to headhunt. Rothwell defends and even moves to mount before the horn sounds, but it's all much too late. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 for Hunt.

Mark Hunt def. Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

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