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UFC 135 Live Blog: Tim Boetsch vs. Nick Ring Updates

Nick Ring fights Tim Boetsch at UFC 135.UFC 135Tim BoetschNick RingUFC

pay-per-view from the Pepsi Center.

Boetsch (13-4) is coming off a win over Kendall Grove at UFC 130 in May. Ring (12-0) this year defeated Riki Fukuda and James Head at UFC 127 and UFC 131, respectively.

Round 1: No glove touch after yesterday's contentious weigh-in staredown. Ring concedes the center of the cage to Boetsch and circles around him, deftly dodging an early lunging hook. Boetsch keeps coming with that left hook and gets it through Ring's defenses at least once. Ring counters with a jab and a kick, then shoves Boetsch to the floor after catching one of his kicks. Ring has the front headlock position, but seems unsure what to do with it, so he settles for some knees to Boetsch's shoulder. Boetsch works back to his feet, which the crowd appreciates. The Yagin-Assuncao fight just before this one really sucked some of the life out of the building. Boetsch continues following Ring in circles, but he's a little too flat-footed and plodding to catch him. Ring dances away from one left hook after another. Boetsch sticks him with a good front kick to the body, and you know it hurt because Ring immediately looks to return the favor. Final ten seconds, and Ring fires off a headkick just after the horn. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Ring.

Round 2: It's more of the same to start the second. Boetsch comes lumbering forward and Ring dances away. Boetsch gets close enough to pop his head back with a punch, but then Ring is out of there. Boetsch's corner shouts for him to stop following and cut Ring off, which is sound advice. He does just that and soon lands his two best punches of the fight. Ring stops running long enough to fire back, but with less success. Boetsch lands a short right that makes Ring go wobbly, then nearly locks up a guillotine in the ensuing scramble. Ring pulls out and stands up in Boetsch's guard before going back to the front headlock. Boetsch gets to his feet and stings Ring with a left hook in the clinch. Ring is on shaky legs, and Boetsch wisely keeps the pressure on. Ring's playing defense in the final 30 seconds, but Boetsch flips him to the mat just before the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Boetsch.

Round 3: Ring works his way in close and clinches Boetsch against the fence early. Ring goes back to circling away and Boetsch hammers him with a good left hook. They stall in the clinch, and referee Mario Yamasaki restarts them in the center. Boetsch again works his way in close and trips Ring to the mat. Boetsch seems content to stay in Ring's guard, and Ring seems to have no objections to the arrangement. Both men looking very tired as Yamasaki restarts them again. Boetsch gets right back into the clinch and flips Ring to the mat with a crack that gets the crowd on its feet. Boetsch works some ground-and-pound from the top position, but this one is going to the scorecards. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch.

Boetsch wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Boetsch improves to 2-0 as a middleweight and hands Ring his first career loss.

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