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Dennis Hallman's Shorts Upset Dana White

UFC 133Dennis Hallman

, whose nickname is "Superman," clearly changed for the fight in the wrong phone booth, because Hallman came out wearing blue, Speedo-like trunks that left little to the imagination.


president Dana White had outlawed them forever. Never at a loss for words, White was practically tongue-tied at Hallman's choice of shorts -- and we use that term loosely.

"I'm seriously pissed off at the guys who work for us who let him walk out with those things on," he said. "I've never been so embarrassed to be in the UFC."

Later, he said he was "horrified" by the moment.

"It was as bad as bad can get," he said, shaking his head.

Brian Ebersole

after he knocked Hallman out in the first round. He called it the first-ever "getting-those-horrifying-shorts-off-TV-as-soon-as-possible" bonus. It will also likely be the last.

Ebersole, himself known as a colorful character, finished Hallman at 4:28 of the first round with some brutal ground and pound, but not until escaping some danger of his own. At one point, Hallman took him down and took his back, threatening with a rear naked choke. Asked about the situation afterward, Ebersole said he was comfortable with his defense, but not with the entire situation.

"I was just worried about his cup, and worried about his uniform malfunctioning," he said to a laugh.

MMA Fighting

this week that he is a recent convert to MMA fandom, he once criticized the sport as "two grown men wrestling with panties on."

For one night, Hopkins was at least half-right.

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