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UFC 133 Live Blog: Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz Updates

Evans vs. Ortiz is the main event on the pay-per-view card for UFC 133 in Philadephia.UFC 133Rashad EvansTito OrtizUFC

pay-per-view from the Wells Fargo Center.

Evans (15-1-1) and Ortiz (16-8-1) fought once before to a draw back at UFC 73 in July 2007 in a fight Ortiz would have won had he not been penalized for holding the fence. Ortiz is taking this rematch on less than four week's notice after beating Ryan Bader at UFC 132. Evans' last fight was at UFC 114 in May 2010 in a win over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Evans' eyes are locked on Ortiz as the opening introductions begin. Ortiz introduced first. It's a mixed reaction for Oritz, but mostly cheers. As Ortiz walks to the middle of the cage, Evans barks at him. Evans is soundly booed by the Philly crowd, though the cheers pick up after his name is announced. Here we go...

Round 1: Ortiz opens with a kick that misses. Evans shuffles stances between southpaw and orthodox. Ortiz lands a right hand. Evans backs away. Ortiz comes forward with a right, Evans sidesteps it. Ortiz is pushing the pace early. Evans scores with a right off a broken clinch. The fans chant for Tito, who takes Evans down. But he never really secures the position and Evans uses the fence to get up. Ortiz tries a single leg but Evans works free. Evans opens up with a flurry. Ortiz answers with a knee. Evans is rocking him . Ortiz not answering back, with his back to the cage. Ortiz stays on his feet with 1:30 to go. Evans' edge in quickness is apparent when they throw. Evans goes for the double-leg into a hard scoop slam. He moves quickly to mount and rains down blows. Ortiz regains half-guard. Evans still throwing shots from the top. Ortiz trying to slow him down but not much he can do. Ortiz regains guard as the round ends, but it's 10-9 Evans.

Round 2: Evans looks fresh, Ortiz looks tired to start the round. No surprise there. But Evans bides his time searching for an opening. Evans scores with a right into a takedown. Ortiz snatches a guillotine. Evans looks in trouble for a second but pulls his head free. Evans moves to side control. This fight has been excellent so far, delivering everything the rest of the card hasn't. Evans scores with left hands from the top as Ortiz is stuck against the cage. Evans is trying to scissor Ortiz's right arm, and he does so. He drops elbows. Ortiz frees his arm up. Still almost two minutes left. Ortiz tries everything to get out from underneath, bucking off the cage. Evans doesn't allow it. Ortiz briefly tries to trap a leg but Evans spins free and ends up back in side control. Huge knee to the body crumples Ortiz. Evans follows with punches from the top and gets the finish.

Winner: Rashad Evans via TKO (4:48)

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