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UFC 133 Live Blog: Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson Updates

Hamill vs. Gustafsson is a Spike TV fight on the UFC 133 card in Philadelphia.UFC 133Matt HamillAlexander Gustafsson

, a light heavyweight bout on tonight's Spike TV portion of the card from the Wells Fargo Center.

Hamill (10-3) headlined UFC 130 in May and lost to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Gustafsson (11-1) has won his last two UFC fights, submitting Cyrille Diabate and James Te-Huna.

Round 1: Hamill stalking early as Gustafsson shuffles around the cage. Hard Hamill jab lands. Gustafsson lands a right behind the ear. Hamill scores with an uppercut as they settle into a standup fight. Gustafsson looks sharp on his feet. Each time Hamill moves forward, Gustafsson tags him. Gustafsson though, is the one bleeding first, a trickle of blood down near his right eye. Hard uppercut by Gustafsson backs Hamill up. Round goes to Gustafsson 10-9.

Round 2: Hamill initiates a clinch early but Gustafsson gets the better of it. Moments later, he just misses a head kick. Hamill shoots but Gustafsson stops him. That's a good sign for him. Hamill's face is marked now under his right eye. Gustafsson opening up now. We're midway through. Hamill digs for another takedown, this one a single leg. Gustafsson resists. Gustafsson hammers Hamill with a right hand. He goes down. Gustafsson looks for the finish, quickly moves to mount and lets loose with offense. We get our first finish of the night, Gustafsson via TKO.

Winner: Alexander Gustafsson via TKO, Rd. 2 (3:34)

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