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Brian Ebersole Stops Dennis Hallman at UFC 133

Brian Ebersole TKOs Dennis Hallman at UFC 133.Brian EbersoleUFC 133Dennis Hallman

. But by the end of the first round, it was Ebersole having his hand raised.

Hallman had Ebersole's back and was close to sinking in a rear-naked choke in the first minute, but Ebersole maintained his composure, bided his time and managed to transition to the top position, and when he did he rained down hard elbows on Hallman's head, eventually landing one hard enough that Hallman went limp, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

After the fight, Ebersole said he was never worried, even when Hallman appeared to have him in trouble early on.

"I came out in a bit of a daze and got taken down, but I've been there with black belts before in this whole training camp -- I knew I could get out of there," Ebersole said.

UFCChris Lytle

in February, and now Hallman at UFC 133. Ebersole was 60 fights into his MMA career before he got called up to the big show, but it was worth the wait. He's an impressive presence in the welterweight division.

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