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UFC 134 Live Blog: Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami Updates

Anderson Silva faces Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in Brazil.UFC 134Anderson SilvaYushin OkamiUFC: Rio

pay-per-view at the HSBC Arena in Brazil.

Silva (30-4), who is fighting the last person to beat him, is aiming for his ninth straight title defense. Okami (26-5) holds a 10-2 record inside the UFC and earned this title shot last November with a win over Nate Marquardt.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: No glove touch for the rematch after Herb Dean brings them to the middle. Silva looks loose. He takes the outside and circles left. Lefty-lefty matchup. Inside leg kick from Silva. He throws jab fakes to gauge distance, then dashes away from an Okami push. Okami lands a small left and clinches, but there's not much there. Silva throws a pair of right jabs from orthodox stance. He fakes some kicks. Then goes left-right and draws some attention with the right. Big left hook misses. Okami misses with a left, then clinches. He looks for some dirty boxing. Silva remaining calm, perhaps looking for a Thai clinch of his own. He lands a couple knees and guards against knees from Okami. The crowd boos a little bit at the extended tie-up as Silva is fine staying in the corner. Okami drops down to look for a single-leg, but a Silva knee reminds him he might not want to be there. Okami continues to keep Silva clinched on the cage, but at about the 1 minute mark, they break and go back to the middle. Looping left from Silva misses, and he dances out of the way of several Okami jabs in vintage Spider Silva style. Outside leg kick from Silva landsThen a right uppercut glances off Okami's ear. With seconds left, Silva lands a head kick, then a knee just as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 for the champion, Anderson Silva.

Round 2: Right-left from Okami gets Silva's attention and he starts moving furiously, even spinning around once. He ducks away from a jab, then eats one, then knocks Okami on his keister with a straight right. The he backs up and waits for Okami to get up. Silva's hands are at his sides, and he switches stances waiting for Okami to engage. A left from Okami looks good, but it does nothing. Silva drops Okami with a big left, and this time he moves in to finish. He throws body shots, knees to the midsection, hammer fists ... Dean implores Okami to defend himself, but Okami has nothing. It's really just too easy. Dean stops the fight, Silva jumps up and celebrates on the cage for his home country fans, and his dominance over the sport is once again on display.

Result: Anderson Silva def. Yushin Okami, TKO, 2:04 Round 2

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