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UFC 134 Live Blog: Thiago Tavares vs. Spencer Fisher Updates

Thiago Tavares vs. Spencer Fisher at UFC 134.UFC 134UFC

: Rio pay-per-view at the HSBC Arena in Brazil.

Tavares (15-4-1) suffered a devastating knockout to Shane Roller in March. Fisher (24-7) has lost three of his last four fights.

Round 1: Tavares slips on a kick attempt right off the bat, but he's back up. Didn't twist an ankle or anything. Tavares drops for the double-leg and nearly plants Fisher through the fence with it. Tavares steps over to half-guard as Fisher tries to wall-walk up the cage. Tavares works some short punches in close, but he's got his hands full just keeping Fisher there and can't think too much about how to damage him. The ref has seen enough and calls for a stand-up, and from where I'm sitting it looks as if Fisher might be bleeding from his nose. Tavares almost immediately looks for another takedown and manages to toss Fisher onto his back, but again, he can't do much with the American on the mat. Tavares gets to half-guard, then slips to full mount before Fisher manages to get to his feet, just before the round ends. MMA Fighting gives it to Tavares, 10-9, but neither man did a lot there.

Round 2: Tavares wastes little time trying to get the fight to the mat again, and once more Fisher is unable to stop him. Fisher is good at stalling his attack once they're on the floor, but he can't win this off his back. Fisher tries to wall-walk up, but Tavares peppers him with short lefts. Tavares steps over to side control and takes Fisher's back when Fisher tries to work to his feet. Fisher rolls to give up the mount, and Tavares blasts away at him with punches from the top. Fisher covers up, but he can't escape. Tavares keeps up the assault and the referee steps in to wave it off. Tavares celebrates on top of the cage, waving around the Brazilian flag and then lifting UFC matchmaker Joe Silva into the air.

Thiago Tavares def. Spencer Fisher via TKO (punches)

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