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Rousimar Palhares Beats Dan Miller in Wild UFC 134 Brawl

Rousimar Palhares beats Dan Miller at UFC: Rio.Rousimar PalharesDan MillerUFC 134

, winning a decision in a fight he briefly believed he had won by first-round stoppage.

Shayna Baszler

) is what this fight will be most remembered for: Palhares celebrating and thinking the fight was over as Miller got some time to recover and Dean tried to restore order. It's not clear whether Palhares stopped because he thought Dean had told him to, whether he thought he had knocked Miller out, or whether he thought Miller had tapped out. But Palhares may have become overly cautious about stopping in such situations because he was once suspended by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission for not letting go of a submission quickly enough.



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