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UFC 134: Edson Barboza Beats Ross Pearson by Split Decision

Edson Barboza beats Ross Pearson at UFC Rio.Edson BarbozaUFC 134


The fight was a lot of fun, especially for people who like a good contrast in striking styles. Barboza has a wider array of strikes in his arsenal, and he showed a lot of them off during the fight, with combinations, spinning kicks and knees. Pearson, however, is a better pure boxer than Barboza, and when Pearson could close the distance and land punches, he had the advantage.


career and said afterward that he'd like to move up and take on tougher opposition in the lightweight division. It would be interesting to see Barboza against a good wrestler; we've seen what Barboza can do standing up, but we haven't seen how he does when the fight goes to the ground.

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