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Win by Armbar, George Lucas' Daughter Did

TOKYO - Amanda Lucas (2-1-0), daughter of Star Wars and Indiana Jones creator George Lucas, continued her fledgling MMA career on Friday night, nabbing a comfortable submission victory over Hikaru Shinohara (6-8-0) at DEEP 55 at Korakuen Hall.

Like Han, Lucas shot first - rushing the under-sized Shinohara with strikes before clinching and securing a body lock takedown into side control. From there, Lucas was able to utilize her significant strength advantage and move into mount where she blasted strikes upon her hapless opponent. For several minutes Lucas sought the finish with her fists but Shinohara was good enough to just avoid being stopped. As the opening round approached it's conclusion Lucas switched tactics, first looking for the hammerlock from mount before settling for an armbar at 4.37 in the first round.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka

threw in the towel on her behalf. That did little to calm Shinohara though as she spent several minutes yelling at her corner, apparently finding their lack of faith disturbing, before being escorted from the the ring.

At least one journalist was disappointed that Lucas did not win by choke. A force choke gag would have been perfect. Lucas did acknowledge her legacy though, teasing that she would enter to the Star Wars theme before switching tunes.

Although Lucas had few issues during the bout, she did have trouble with the weight - missing her first attempt at the unusual 71 kg (156.5 lbs) weight limit by half a pound. She was able to make the weight on her second attempt some thirty minutes later. Shinohara had absolutely no problems with the limit, coming in at 70.7 kg (156 lbs) - no mean feat considering she fought her last bout at 49 kg (105 lbs) in 2008 against former divisional queen Miku Matsumoto.

Lucas got off to a rough start to her career, losing her debut in 2008 by technical knockout, but has rebounded to put together a 2-1 record.

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