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Spike TV Says Goodbye to the UFC

More than any single business move the UFC has made, getting The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV was instrumental to keeping the company afloat and bringing it to a wider audience. But now the UFC-Spike partnership is coming to an end.

In a statement released just minutes before the UFC and Fox are expected to announce a new television agreement, Spike confirmed that its partnership with the UFC is coming to an end.

"The Ultimate Fighter season 14 in September will be our last," the statement says. "We are increasing our commitment to distinctive, original series that we own such as Auction Hunters and Bar Rescue, which are delivering on our goal to reach a broader audience. Our 6-year partnership with the UFC has been incredibly beneficial in building both our brands, and we wish them all the best in the future."

Although the statement doesn't say anything about other UFC programming, like live Fight Night shows and old fights shown on UFC Unleashed, all indications are that the UFC and Spike will be finished as a partnership after the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter wraps up.

At the time they made their partnership, the UFC and Spike were great partners, and both parties have grown significantly through the years. But now it makes more sense for both parties to go their separate ways, with the UFC focusing on its deal with Fox, and Spike focusing on shows like Auction Hunters and Bar Rescue.

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