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Strikeforce Undercard Live Blog: Cavalcante vs. Green, Kedzie vs. Davis, More


on Showtime card from the Sears Centre just outside of Chicago.

Justin WilcoxLyle Beerbohm

, but due to an injury suffered by Beerbohm, will face Strikeforce newcomer and former King of the Cage champion Green (15-4).

The live blog is below.

Bobby Green

Green and Cavalcante both make energetic entrances in this final bout of the preliminary card. Herb Dean makes his first appearance and he receives approval from the crowd.

Round 1: Cavalcante aggressively pushes forward with fast hands. He lands to the leg. Cavalcante looks for the takedown and they end up in clinch with Cavalcante's back against the cage. Cavalcante looks like he has a small cut on his right cheek. Green checks a kick. Cavalcante lands a nice left hook and Green wags his finger at him. Cavalcante throws a jab to set up a takedown, only to end up in clinch. Green throws a couiple of fast jabs followed by a left hook and a straight right. Cavalcante backs Green up and they tieup to close this exciting first round. 10-9 Cavalcante.

Round 2: Green sticks out double jabs. Cavalcante misses a big overhand right. Cavalcante dodges a punch and clinches with Green. Green tries to sneak behind while kneeing Cavalcante in his hamstring. Cavalcante drops to his back with a kimura. Cavalcante gets back to his feet and avoids a knee. Cavalcante with a right hand. Green actively jabs. Cavalcante has been looking for a the KO all night. Green clinches but it's Cavalcante who gets the trip takedown. Cavalcante throws left hands and passes to his right over Green's halfguard.Cavalcante takes full mount with 24 seconds left. Green gives u p his back and Cavalcante works for the choke. It looks from watching the big screen that Green tapped but the bell sounds. Dean didn't catch it from his vantage point. 10-9 Cavalcante.

Round 3: The pace slows a bit in the final round. Green continues to pum pout jabs. Cavalcante uses a lot of movement to try to catch his opponent with a strike or a takedown. They enter clinch with 3:14 left. Green takes double underhooks and lands knees to the thigh. The crowd starts to boo them for this slower third round. They separate and Cavalcante throws a high kick that is blocked. Cavalcante digs for the double and once again he's reversed against the cage in clinch. Cavalcante tries the takedown but Green almost lands on top of him. Back up with about a minute left and Green lands a nice left uppercut. Green looks for the takedown and Cavalcante drops for the guillotine choke. Green pops his head out with eight seconds left. Best round for Green but I have it 10-9 for Cavalcante, who should win all three rounds.

Both men looked great in this fight and Cavalcante looked especially sharp in the first two rounds. At the end of the day, Cavalcante was too experienced and had more weapons than Green.

Cavalcante wins via split decision (29-28 Cavalcante, 29-28 Green, 29-28 Cavalcante)

According to the official scoresheet, two judges gave the first two rounds to Cavalcante, while the other scored rounds one and three in favor of Green.

Welterweights: Eduardo Pamplona vs. Tyler Stinson

Round 1: They don't touch gloves. Stinson presses forward with a punch combo. Another combo stuns Pamplona. Pamplona backpedals towards the cage but is still conscious enough to return fire. Stinson lands a left hook that knocks Pamplona out cold, signaling the crowd to erupt. The Bellator veteran dives in with one big left and a right before being pulled away by referee "Big" John McCarthy. Doctors immediately attend to Pamplona who eventually makes his way to the stool and then feet. Stinson picks up a huge win against the well-traveled Brazilian as well as a nice knockout for his video package if he advances to a televised card.

Stinson wins via KO - Round 1, 0:15

Julie Kedzie

vs. Alexis Davis

Round 1: We're in the third fight on the undercard and the Sears Centre (around 10,000 capacity) appears packed already. Strikeforce has got to happy with this turnout. Davis, who's being cornered by Matt Hughes, controls center cage and they exchange punch for punch. Wild stuff. Davis clinches Kedzie against the cage. Both ladies stay active in clinch with Kedzie scoring on short knees and Davis with short left hands. Kedzie punches out to break clinch with 2:15 left. Kedzie throws a leg kick and Davis immediately fires a counter. Kedzie lands a nice front kick to the stomach and they clinch. Kedzie lands a nice combo as they separate. Very close round and it's either woman's round with under a minute left. Davis looks for a hip toss but Kedzie blocks it. Even round with slight edge to Kedzie if I was forced to pick. 10-10.

Round 2: A short exchange and the two are back to clinch. Kedzie is able to land some short punches during one quick break, while Davis actively scores with knees to the thigh during clinch. Davis takes down Kedzie, but Kedzie is immediately up working for a single-leg. Although the majority of this fight in clinch, there's a lot of action from that position. Davis puts Kedzie on her knees and hops on Kedzie's back when Kedzie tries to stand. Davis works for the rear-naked choke with a little over 30 seconds left. Kedzie did an excellent job defending and was never in danger of a choke. Still, clear round for Davis. scores the round 10-9 in favor of Davis.

Round 3: Both are landing right hands with the occasional leg kick. Back in clinch, they battle for position. Davis has double underhook in clinch, but isn't able to do anything with it. Kedzie gets her right arm under and they're trading knees to the thigh. In this final round, activity in clinch is slowing and the crowd voices its displeasure. And they'll remain in the position for the remainder of the fight. Davis will win the round and fight with her control of Kedzie against the cage in this grueling, clinch-heavy fight. 10-9 Davis.

Davis wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

The one judge who scored one round for Kedzie gave her the third.

"I felt good out there but I'm still a little bit disappointed that I wasn't able to finish for the fans," Davis said. "Julie is a very tough fighter and she wanted to win badly. I'm just happy that the girls have been given a stage to show our skills and I'll try my best to make it more exciting next time."

Derek Brunson

vs. Lumumba Sayers

Round 1: "Big" John McCarthy refs his first fight of the evening and receives love from the crowd. Sayers pops out jabs and they exchange shots with Brunson losing the exchange. However, Brunson takes him and shortly after secures full mount. Brunson, who bravely entered to Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A., postures up to drop punches, but Sayers gives up his back. Back to their feet, Brunson picks Sayers up for a huge slam. Sayers gets back to his feet and is briefly threatened by a headlock. They wildly slug it out with Sayers landing the better punches. Brunson shoots and Sayers considers a guillotine but slides off. Brunson takes Sayers' back and peppers in left hands. Sayers is always trying to stand up but Brunson is doing a great job of controlling him. Eventually, he finds his way to his feet with 75 seconds left. Brunson lands a kick and Sayers falls down. Brunson charges forward headfirst in the cage. I kid you not. These two middleweights are slugging it out like heavyweights and the fans are enjoying it. Brunson lands a head-kick and while Sayers doesn't go down, he's clearly stunned. Brunson drags him to the ground and wins via rear-naked choke with 27 seconds left.

Brunson wins via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 4:33

"We got caught up in some positions that I really didn't want to be in," Brunson said after the fight. "I wanted to stay tight and clean but he caught me in the guard a little bit so I'll just have to improve on that and be better next time."

Heavyweights: Bryan Humes vs. Gabriel Salinas-Jones

Round 1: Two big Chicagoland fighters combining for 526 pounds will get the night started. Humes lands two leg kicks. Salinas-Jones lowers for the takedown but Humes easily defends, reversing it for side control. Salinas-Jones escapes to halfguard while controlling Humes arms to avoid punishment. Humes patiently attacks with short right elbows. Salinas-Jones tries to buck up but eats a few right hands on the failed attempt. Salinas-Jones finally turtles in and Humes attaches a front headlock. Salinas-Jones drives in for the standup and the crowd cheers. Salinas-Jones slowly shoots for the takedown but still scores it to take top position in Humes' halfguard. Humes turtles and then gets flattened on his back. Salinas-Jones rains down on top and steals the round. scores the round 10-9 for Salinas-Jones.

Round 2: Salinas-Jones lands a leg kick and shoots. Humes defends and they clinch with Humes' back against the cage. Very sloppy boxing from both men with neither looking to set up any combinations. Salinas-Jones is clearly punching just to set up a takedown. Salinas-Jones shoots for the double and works for it with Humes against the cage. The referee separates them with 3:23 remaining. Humes throws an inside leg kick. Salinas-Jones shoots for the takedown and Humes avoids. Salinas-Jones throws a head kick that is blocked and Humes responds with a spinning back kick that lands. Very surprising considering their limited striking output thus far. Salinas-Jones returns to the takedown game but Humes is able to stop it and control Salinas-Jones' back. Salinas-Jones explodes up and changes position with Humes, who is now the one turtled. Salinas-Jones drives forward to take side control and then once again flattens Humes on his back with less than a minute remaining. Salinas-Jones with left and right hands, with just enough power to score points. Salinas-Jones finishes both rounds strong. 10-9 Salinas-Jones.

Round 3: Humes opens the round with a jab followed by a leg kick. Humes pushes forward and drops Salinas-Jones. As Humes tries to capitalize on his downed opponent, Salinas-Jones somehow explodes out and taps him with a brabo choke. Nice recovery from a knockdown to stay undefeated in his MMA career.

Salinas-Jones wins via submission (brabo choke) - Round 3, 1:19

"We took the fight on two weeks' notice so I didn't want to pull a Shane Carwin and gas myself out," Salinas-Jones said. "I'm happy to be in the big leagues and I plan to stay on track and be fully prepared for every fight from now on. I'm blessed to be here and glad that it went my way tonight."

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