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Strikeforce Live Blog: Marloes Coenen vs. Miesha Tate Updates

MIesha Tate throws a punch at Marloes Coenen.StrikeforceMarloes CoenenMiesha Tate

, a women's 135-pound championship bout on tonight's Strikeforce on Showtime card from the Sears Centre just outside of Chicago.

Liz CarmoucheMaiju KujalaHitomi Akano

in a one-night tournament to position herself for this title shot.

The live blog is below.

The challenger Tate enters first to Nicky Minaj's Moment song. Coenen makes her way down the ramp with the Strikeforce belt over her left shoulder to Kanye West's All of the Lights.

Round 1: No touch of gloves as Tate presses forward only to clinch to set up a trip takedown. Coenen turns Tate against the cage. Tate jumps up momentarily to wrap her legs around Coenen and then lets go to shove Coenen against the fence. Coenen delivers a knee as Tate works tirelessly for the takedown and eventually secures the takedown only to have her head stuck in a choke. Tate looked like she was ready to tap for a moment. Tate escapes at 2:22 to the applause of the crowd. By escaping the choke, Tate claims side control. Although Coenen couldn't escape, she kept busy enough underneath that Tate wasn't able to do much damage on top. 10-9 Coenen.

Round 2: They go right at it and it's Tate back to work, pressing Coenen against the cage. Tate works hard for the takedown only for Coenen to reverse position on the ground for back control. Smooth move by Coenen. Tate tries to cage walk out of it but Coenen holds on with both hooks in. Tate gets to her knees to try to slide Coenen off, but Coenen calmly rolls Tate back. Coenen throws punches to the body to set up a rear-naked but Tate is not giving her the opening. Coenen flattens her out with a minute left and lays down right hands. Tate rolls but Coenen still has complete control. Tate survives, almost halfway turning into Coenen's guard at the end of the round. 10-9 Coenen.

Round 3: Coenen lands a leg kick and Tate responds with one of her own. Tate times a leg kick perfectly and puts Coenen on her back. Coenen prevents Tate from any significant offense and "Big" John McCarthy stands them up at 1:44. Coenen glances a straight right hand and then Tate ducks for a successful takedown. Coenen threatens with a kimura and eventually sweeps Tate seconds before the bell. Still, Tate claims the third with two takedowns. 10-9 Tate.

Round 4: Tate takes a strong takedown a minute into the round and then tries to pass to the side. Although the cage was in her way, she eventually gets side control. Tate peppers in short right hands as Coenen looks to cagewalk to a better position. Tate grabs the arm-triangle and then slides her left knee and then entire body across Coenen's body to finish the hold. Coenen tries to hug her own left knee to defend ... but is eventually forced to tap! Unbelievable finish. Tate is your new Strikeforce 135-pound champion.

Tate wins via submission - Round 4, 3:03

Tate will make her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman.

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