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Tim Kennedy Decisions Robbie Lawler

Tim KennedyRobbie LawlerStrikeforce

event, using his superior wrestling to control where the fight went for most of its 15 minutes and scoring an easy decision.

It was the second win of 2011 for Kennedy, who improved his professional MMA record to 14-3. Lawler, who falls to 18-8, has now lost two in a row this year.

Kennedy was tenacious with his wrestling in the early going, staying on top of Lawler as Lawler tried to scramble free. Late in the round Kennedy beautifully ducked under a punch and took Lawler down into side control, and with 30 seconds to go he passed into full mount. Lawler, however, was able to buck Kennedy off and get back up, and the round ended with the two exchanging strikes standing up.

In the second round it was more of Kennedy using his takedowns and wrestling, although Lawler did land some hard punches, including an uppercut that bloodied Kennedy's nose. But Kennedy was getting the better of the action on top of Lawler, landing punches from inside Lawler's guard and mostly controlling the round.

The third round featured a lot less action, as Kennedy seemed to realize he was ahead on the scorecards, and Lawler seemed too tired to engage. Kennedy took Lawler down and put him on his back with 30 seconds to go in the fight, and he finished the fight on top to win a clear decision. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Kennedy

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