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Miesha Tate's Relationship With Boyfriend, Trainer Bryan Caraway, a Winning Match

Miesha Tate demonstrates ground and pound on Bryan Caraway during open workouts.Miesha TateBryan Caraway

both describe their atypical relationship as a couple who also happen to be professional MMA fighters.

MMA Fighting

on Thursday. "She's fighting for a world title and we're still together and haven't killed each other yet," he said with a laugh.

When Tate challenges Marloes Coenen on Saturday for the title of best in the world at 135 pounds in women's MMA, Caraway, who is a cast member on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, will serve as her head cornerman for the fight.

So much has transpired since the two first met at Central Washington University less than six years ago. Caraway ran a college MMA club and Tate was a former high school wrestler pushed by her karate-practicing roommate to check out the club.

"I met Miesha when she was a freshman in college, [she] didn't know anything about mixed martial arts," Caraway said. "And I got to see her grow as a person and as a fighter and it's unbelievable to see her as a freshman in college to fighting for a world title now."


to be an entertaining war, Tate took the time to also show her appreciation for Caraway.

"Bryan and I have a really unique bond in that we share similar passion," Tate told the media at Harry Caray's. "There's pros and cons with every situation but I definitely think the pros outweigh the cons. He understands the process I'm going through, the weigh-cutting and he's there to support me through the thick and thin."

Despite some "trying" times, at the end of the day Caraway feels they have both benefited through their shared passion and common understanding of the high highs and low lows that come with this demanding sport.

"It definitely is me being the fighter myself understands what she's going through when she's cutting weight for a fight or dieting, the space that she needs, the extra bit of motivation to help her stay on track when she's dieting," he said. "I understand all that, the irritability and stuff. It makes sense for me to step back from the relationship and understand what she's going through and not to take things personally."

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