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UFC 130 Live Blog: Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson Round-by-Round Updates

Frank Mir faces Roy Nelson at UFC 130.

LAS VEGAS – This is the UFC 130 live blog for Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson, a heavyweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Mir (14-5, 12-5 UFC), a former UFC heavyweight champion, knocked out Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 119 last September. Nelson (15-5, 2-1 UFC), the Season 10 winner of "The Ultimate Fighter" and the former IFL heavyweight champ, went the distance with Junior dos Santos at UFC 117 last August, losing a unanimous decision. He returns following knee surgery.

Mir and Nelson are both native Las Vegans and sometimes training partners. They faced each other in a submission grappling tournament eight years ago, won by Nelson.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: At long last, after lots of friend vs. friend buildup, Mir-Nelson has arrived. Nelson pushes in early, but Mir reverses and pushes Nelson against the cage in the clinch. Mir looks for knees as Nelson reverses. As tehy break, Mir lands a glancing knee to Nelson's chin, then lands another decent knee at center cage. A left high kick from Mir just misses, and another knee is also close. Nelson pushes Mir to the cage and Mir again lands some big knees. Nelson stays standing, but the crowd is wondering for how long. Nelson survives the barrage and again pushes Mir to the fence. Mir struggles to keep Nelson's mop of mulletness out of his face, and the two break with a couple nice shots from Nelson. Mir ducks under another one, then lands a couple more knees. Out of nowhere, though, a beautiful trip takedown from Mir has Nelson on his back with Mir up top in mount. Nelson gives his back, but gets back to his feet and muscles Mir to the fence. It's a solid round for Mir, the former heavyweight champ, 10-9 on the MMA Fighting card, and a really fun fight so far.

Round 2: They high five for Round 2, and Nelson throws a haymaker early. But Mir follows with a huge left kick to Nelson's gut, and then another. The fight moves back to the fence, this time with Mir in control. HE manages to bully his way to another takedown, though not nearly as impressive as his first, and starts to work on wearing Nelson down. But Nelson again muscles his way back up, and the crowd says it is happy by yelling and clapping. Both men look to be tired midway through the fight. They clinch up, but Mir goes low and lands another takedown. Mir tries to work out of half guard, but once again Nelson starts to muscle his way back to standing. He then looks to bully his way to a takedown of his own, but has to throw a sloppy and tired-looking haymaker. He lands a straight right after Mir lands a kick, though. He looks gassed, but Mir looks a little tired, too. The two tired 260-pounders end the round with nothing much but a stalemated clinch. MMA Fighting gives Round 2 to Mir, 10-9.

Round 3: Round 3 starts with one last touch of gloves and a smile from the two Las Vegans, who share many mutual best friends and sometimes train together. Sweat flies from Nelson's hair, and his ponytail is now gone, as Mir lands a left. The crowd is quickly restless as the two lumbering heavyweights' apparent fatigue. A minute in, Mir gets the fight to the cage, then goes low again for an easy double-leg takedown. Mir passes out to half guard and pins Nelson's right arm down for a moment. But again Nelson earns the crowd's love by fighting back to his feet. But he's not there long, as Mir again drops down, grabs the legs and lifts Nelson for a quick and easy slam. When Nelson again fights back up, Mir again takes him down. He lands two big elbows on the ground. Then a third as Nelson tries to wriggle out. Nelson again gets back up, but with 20 seconds left this fight has been over for a while. Nelson has no steam. The third goes to Mir 10-9, and the fight should go to him 30-27.

Result: Frank Mir def. Roy Nelson, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

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