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UFC 141 Results: Ross Pearson Beats Junior Assuncao

Ross Pearson Beats Junior Assuncao at UFC 141.Ross PearsonJunior AssuncaoUFC 141

, getting better as the fight went on and looking good in his first featherweight fight.

In the early going Assuncao, the better grappler of the two, was able to impose his will on Pearson and control the pace and location of the fight. It appeared that Assuncao was going to stay in command and cruise to a decision.

But as the fight wore on Pearson looked fresher, and he began to land solid punches that marked up Assuncao's face. By the time the third round ended, Pearson had done enough to turn the tide that he ended up winning the decision.


record to 13-5. Assuncao now has the same record, dropping to 13-5.


has worked hard to promote. That's going to be easier now that he's fighting at the right weight -- Pearson belongs at featherweight, and he's now 1-0 at 145 pounds.