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TUF 14 Finale Live Blog: Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez Updates

Diego Brandon beats Dennis Bermudez at TUF 14 Finale.UFC

on Spike TV event at the Pearl at the Palms.

Brandao and Bermudez are fighting to determine the season 14 featherweight tournament winner. Brandao (13-7) is an aggressive striker who likes to make quick work of his opponents. Bermudez (7-2) has a wrestling background and finished all three of his fights on the show.

Round 1: These two aren't wasting time. They meet in the center and go right to work. In true Wanderlei Silva fashion (he did come out to his hero's music), Brandao is putting his head down and winging those hooks. Bermudez briefly gets him down, but can't keep him there. Good ovrhand right by Brandao. Bermudez forces him into the fence and then flies in with a kick to the body. Big shot by Brandao drops Bermudez, but he doesn't follow him down and Bermudez is on his feet quickly. Bermudez comes back with a heavy right, and Brandao answers moments later. Brandao runs in with a knee and gets Bermudez down, slamming him back to the mat when tries to rise. Bermudez eventually gets to his feet and takes a glancing head kick on his way out. Brandao walks directly into a crushing right hand and goes down in a heap. I don't know how his jaw is still attached. Bermudez hammers him with more punches from the top, but Brandao moves just enough to show referee Josh Rosenthal he's still in it. Less than 30 seconds to go now, and Bermudez is pounding on Brandao. This is close to being stopped, but Brandao rolls for an armbar and locks it up from the bottom, flipping Bermudez over and forcing him to tap right away. Amazing fight, and an amazing finish. One of the best one-round fights of the year, right up there with Nick Diaz-Paul Daley?

Diego Brandao def. Dennis Bermudez via submission (armbar) at 4:51 of round one

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