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TUF 14 Finale Undercard Live Blog: Brimage vs. Bass, Pague vs. Albert, More

Marcus Brimage wins at TUF 14 Finale in Las Vegas.UFC

on Spike TV event at the Pearl at the Palms.

Bryan CarawayDustin Neace


Stephan Bass vs. Marcus Brimage

Round 1: Referee Josh Rosenthal gets them started and they ease into the action, feeling one another out from a distance. Brimmage lands a nice shot, and Bass looks for a takedown before abandoning it. Bass grabs for a Thai clinch, but can't do much with it. Brimmage is having success with the left hand, and Bass clearly wants no part of it. Brimmage is roughing Bass up against the fence, and Bass' face is showing the effects. Bass looks for the takedown off a Brimmage kick, but Brimmage denies him and you can see the confidence draining out of Bass. "He's ready to go; let's get him out of there!" shouts Brimmage's corner. They may be right. They trade some low kicks, with Bass accidentally Brimmage's cup just slightly. Bass lands a nice right hand in the final ten seconds -- his best offense so far. Brimmage is just a tad bit wobbly, but the round is already over. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Brimmage.

Round 2: Bass goes back to work with the leg kicks, but Brimmage is still winning the punch exchanges. A leg kick by Brimmage catches Bass in the groin, so we'll pause while he collects himself. Brimmage gets a talking to from Rosenthal, then we're back at it. Bass lands a nice straight shot that hurts Brimmage, but follows almost immediately with a particularly bad kick to the groin. Brimmage cries out in pain and drops to his knees. "That's twice!" Brimmage's corner tell Rosenthal. Now it's Bass' turn to get a talking to from Rosenthal. Bass tries for a takedown on the restart, but no dice. Brimmage kicks his feet out from under him, but doesn't follow up. Good counter left by Brimmage, and Bass shakes his head in frustration. Bass shoots from way out and doesn't come close. Bass fires off a hard right off a Brimmage kick and Brimmage is hurt. Bass tries to capitalize, but Brimmage keeps him at bay long enough to recover. They open up in the final ten seconds and the sound of gloves on skulls thumps through the arena. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Brimmage.

Round 3: They trade haymakers right off the bat and Bass catches Brimmage with a left on the ear that messes with his equilibrium just a little. Bass charges in and gets briefly taken down for his recklessness, but they're soon back to their feet and trading bombs again. Brimmage is getting a little wild, looking for the one-punch knockout. Bass tries for another takedown and gets stuffed. Bass is plodding forward, but Brimmage moving and counter-punching well. Bass runs in with a flying knee attempt and Brimmage tosses out a knee of his own to meet him. Brimmage keeps slipping on one section of the mat, and his corner yells for him to stay away from it. They trade flurries in the final ten seconds, and Brimmage goes down. Bass tries to jump on him, but Brimmage covers up and gets back to his feet before the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Brimmage.

Marcus Brimmage def. Stephen Bass via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

John Albert vs. Dustin Pague

It's a furious pace to start this one. These guys are both swinging away, and it's Albert who connects with a fierce right hand on the jaw that drops Pague. Albert jumps on him with elbows and looks to take his back. He has Pague's arm all tied up and is pounding away on him with his free hand. Pague looks like he's out of it, and referee Herb Dean has seen enough. Albert complains about the stoppage, but only after he realizes that he's holding on to Dean's leg, so take that for what it's worth.

John Albert def. Dustin Pague via TKO (punches) 1:09 of round one

Roland Delorme vs. Josh Ferguson

Round 1: Right away Ferguson dives in with a left hook and follow up right that stuns Delorme. Delorme grabs on and waits for his head to clear, then easily gets a takedown. "He knows he's in trouble," shouts Delorme's corner. Ferguson reverses and takes the top position, but nearly gets caught in a guillotine. He's out and swinging away from the top. Delorme is just trying to get a hold of him. Delorme latches on a triangle, and it's tight. Ferguson tries to slam his way out, but he only makes it tighter. Delorme can't get Ferguson's arm all the way across, so he settles for pounding him with punches and elbows. Delorme keeps working for the choke, but Ferguson is hanging tough. Delorme tries to switch sides with it, but Ferguson is out and looking to make him pay from the top. Ferguson nearly gets an armbar in final ten seconds, but no dice. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Delorme.

Round 2: Both men look a little weathered to start the second. They exchange hooks, with Ferguson probably getting the better of it. Delorme's corner is calling for the takedown, but he's not listening at the moment. Ferguson is starting to look tired. His punches are coming slower and slower, and Delorme is picking his spots with the jab. "He's starting to realize he can't win this, son!" shouts Delorme's corner. Delorme gets a little over-aggressive and gets taken down. Delorme works his way up while Ferguson tries for a guillotine. Delorme gets a takedown of his own, but they're back up quickly with a minute left. A big hook by Ferguson has Delorme on shaky legs, but he recovers and gets one more takedown before the round is up. MMA Fighting scores it 10-10.

Round 3: Delorme drops Ferguson with a short left to start the final round. He jumps on him and takes Ferguson's back, then slips in the choke. Delorme's leg is trapping one of Ferguson's arms, and Ferguson is probably still too woozy to defend properly anyway. No choice but to tap. Big win for Delorme.

Roland Delorme def. Josh Ferguson via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:22 of round three

Steven Siler vs. Josh Clopton

Round 1: Herb Dean gives the single and we are underway. Clopton swings big and Siler just gets his chin out of the way. Clopton clinches and Siler looks for the Thai clinch before firing off some nice knees. Clopton jacks him with hooks in close and works his way out. Good left by Clopton, and Siler's corner shouts for him to get his chin down. Somebody's bleeding in there, but it's tough to tell who. Another good Thai clinch by Siler and he fires off more knees. Clopton doesn't have a real sense of urgency about getting out of there. Clopton kicks Siler's leg out from under him and drops him on his back, but declines to follow him. Big shots by Clopton in the final minute. Siler keeps looking for that Thai clinch, but Clopton doesn't seem at all worried about it. Takedown by Siler, and right into an arm-in guillotine. Fortunately for him, the round is over. MMA Fighting scores it 10-10.

Round 2: Clopton throwing heavy leather right away, but he's so off-balance when he punches. Siler continues to attack with those knees, then looks for a single-leg. He gives it up and goes back to work with the knees. Clopton is hurt, and Siler is pouring it on. Clopton is just holding on and defending, doing nothing to escape. He finally stops the assault and, somewhat amazingly, gets a takedown. Good strikes from the top by Clopton, but Siler weathers the storm and gets back up, then it's straight back to the Thai clinch clinic. Clopton is bleeding from his nose and looking very tired. They get space in the final minute, and Siler lands a crisp right hand. Takedown by Clopton, again though, straight into the guillotine. Once more, time's up. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Siler.

Round 3: Clopton seems to have recovered between rounds, which means he can once again launch off-balance bombs, looking for the homerun. They clinch and Clopton manages a takedown, though it's all he can do to hold Siler down, leaving him little room to attack. Siler works back to his feet and it's knee city once again. Clopton gets free, but loses his mouthpiece seconds later after a Siler hook. Dean pauses the bout to let him replace it. Takedown by Clopton, and Siler looks to work the rubber guard. Siler is the more active man on the ground. He threatens to take Clopton's back and uses it to get to his feet. Siler stings him with punches and knees. Clopton is bloody and reeling. Siler pours it on, but Clopton will survive. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Siler.

Steven Siler def. Josh Clopton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bryan Caraway vs. Dustin Neace

Round 1: Both clad in Team Mayhem colors, they come out and touch 'em up. These two already look similar. With the identical trunks, it's almost guaranteed that I'll get them confused at some point in this liveblog. Neace is having success with his jab in the early going. He stings Caraway over the eye and Caraway nods at him. A big looping punch from Caraway wobbles Neace just a bit. Over in his corner, girlfriend and fellow fighter Miesha Tate reminds him to keep his hands up. Takedown by Caraway. He goes to work with some ground-and-pound from the top and gets stuck in an inverted triangle. Caraway stays calm and works his way out, moving to half-guard and then side control. Neace turns and gives up his back. Caraway gets his hooks in, but he's sitting way up high and can't get anything before the horn, which is incredibly loud in this small venue. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Caraway.

Round 2: Caraway looks a little flat on his feet to start this one. His corner yells at him to "wake up" as he tosses out lazy feints and then gets cracked on the jaw. "Trick him!" shouts Tate. I can't tell if Caraway is tired or just pacing himself, but he's slow and a little lethargic. Neace has no trouble cracking him again. Takedown by Caraway, but Neace reverses and looks to put Caraway on his back. Caraway spins around and takes Neace's back, looking for the rear naked choke. He locks it on tight and squeezes, and Neace has to tap.

Bryan Caraway def. Dustin Neace via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:38 of round two
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