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Ultimate Fighter Finale: Johnny Bedford TKOs Tiny Louis Gaudinot

Johnny Bedford beats Louis Gaudinot at TUF 14 Finale.UFC

implements a flyweight class, Louis Gaudinot will be ready to move down. Because Gaudinot found out the hard way at the Ultimate Fighter Finale that he's just too small for bantamweight.

Johnny Bedford, who at 5-foot-10 is seven inches taller than Gaudinot, easily won in the first Spike TV fight on the Ultimate Fighter Finale card, and the story of the fight was the size difference: Although Bedford and Gaudinot both weighed in at the bantamweight limit of 136 pounds, they're a very different 136. Bedford is a big, strong guy who cuts a lot to get down to 136, while Bedford is a tenacious but tiny fighter who could easily make 125 pounds.

Bedford battered away at Gaudinot in the first round for what should have been a 10-8 round, and in the second round he continued to completely overpower Gaudinot. In the third, Gaudinot just had nothing left, and after Bedford whaled on him for a couple minutes, referee Steve Mazzagatti finally stepped in and stopped the fight.



It was a solid showing for Bedford, who has now won seven of his last eight pro fights. He's a good addition to the UFC's bantamweight division.

As for Gaudinot, he could be a good addition to a future flyweight division. But at bantamweight, he's going to get beaten up by bigger opponents. That's what Bedford did to him on Saturday night.