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John Dodson Stops T.J. Dillashaw to Win The Ultimate Fighter

John Dodson wins TUF 14 bantamweight title.

John Dodson is The Ultimate Fighter's bantamweight tournament winner.

Dodson beat T.J. Dillashaw with a short and sweet first-round technical knockout, easily winning the fight while barely breaking a sweat. Dodson knocked Dillashaw down with one punch, and when Dillashaw got back up but looked wobbly, Dodson landed another punch that knocked Dillashaw down again. Dodson pounced, and referee Herb Dean quickly stepped in to stop the fight.

The fight lasted just 1 minute, 54 seconds.

Dillashaw got back up immediately after the stoppage, and some fans booed Dean for stopping the fight as quickly as he did, but Dillashaw didn't seem to be all there, and Dean's stoppage was justifiable.


career, he showed on The Ultimate Fighter that he can beat bigger opponents. Dodson is a fighter with a lot of promise.

"Words cannot describe how I feel right now," Dodson said afterward. "Oh, my God. Did I just end it that quick?"

Dodson did finish it that quickly: He put on a great show.