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Diego Brandao Gets $80K UFC Bonus; $40K for Bermudez, Dodson


contract and buy his mother a house. After the fight, he found out he'll have a lot more money than he realized to lavish on his mom.

The UFC announced that Brandao will receive $80,000 in bonuses for his performance on Saturday night: The UFC's traditional post-fight bonuses are $40,000 apiece for this event, and Brandao earned two of them.

Brandao won the Submission of the Night bonus for the impressive arm bar that forced Dennis Bermudez to tap out in the first round of their featherweight Finale fight. And Brandao and Bermudez also shared the Fight of the Night bonus.

The Brandao-Bermudez fight was a sensational display, 4 minutes and 51 seconds of action that ended when Brandao went from getting pounded on the ground by Bermudez to rolling over and trapping Bermudez in an arm bar. The fight was definitely the best of a good night of UFC fights, and Brandao's submission was sensational.

The other bonus, $40,000 for Knockout of the Night, went to John Dodson, who won The Ultimate Fighter bantamweight tournament by knocking out T.J. Dillashaw.