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UFC 140: Brian Ebersole Beats Claude Patrick by Split Decision

Ebersole had tapout chesthair at UFC 140.UFC 140Brian EbersoleClaude Patrick

by split decision.

Two judges scored the fight 29-28 for Ebersole, while one scored it 29-28 for Patrick. The rounds were close enough that either score was justifiable, but the fans in Toronto made it clear that they thought their hometown guy, Patrick, had been robbed -- and Ebersole acknowledged it was surprising that he was able to win a decision over Patrick in Patrick's home town.

"I was upset because I wasn't able to do the things I hoped to do," Ebersole said. "I'm very thankful to get a decision in his home town."

The first round consistent almost entirely of clinch work against the cage, along with one long stretch on the ground in which Patrick had Ebersole in a guillotine choke but never came close to forcing Ebersole to tap. Ebersole deserved to win the ground based on controlling most of the clinch game and landing more effective punches, but it was a fairly close round without a lot happening.

As the clinch work continued in the second round the fans became restless, and it was a largely even round, again, without a lot of action. Patrick did land a couple of hard punches in the final seconds of the round and appeared to have Ebersole hurt, but instead of continuing to hammer away at Ebersole, Patrick unsuccessfully attempted a takedown to end the round.

At the start of the third round Patrick tried to take the fight to the ground and sink in a choke, but Ebersole ended up on top inside Patrick's guard. Ebersole briefly stood back up, just long enough to slam Patrick down and get on top in side control. Ebersole appeared to be controlling well enough to win the round, but in the final minute of the fight Patrick came back to life, attempted three different submissions and also hit Ebersole with some hard punches, and that was probably enough for Patrick to take the round.

But the only opinions that mattered were those of the judges, and two judges gave two rounds to Ebersole, giving him the fight.