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UFC 140: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Beats Up Tito Ortiz

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira TKOs Tito Ortiz at UFC 140.Antonio Rogerio NogueiraTito OrtizUFC 140

, pummeling him on the ground for most of the first round before the referee mercifully stepped in to stop it.

"I feel so great," Nogueira said afterward. "It's like a dream come true. Tito Ortiz is a legend of the sport. I want to say thanks for fighting him."

For Nogueira, the win snaps a two-fight losing streak and puts him back into the upper echelon of the light heavyweight division. It was a very impressive showing.

The beating began when Nogueira landed a hard left hand against the cage and followed it with a knee, and from there Nogueira started whaling away while Ortiz could only block. As Ortiz attempted to defend himself he backed away, and when Nogueira caught him he landed a hard knee that knocked Ortiz down.

Once the fight went to the ground, Nogueira was on top and doing all the damage. Nogueira pounded away with hard punches and vicious elbows to the body, as Ortiz winced in pain and could do nothing more than cover himself up. Eventually the referee had no choice but to step in and stop it to save Ortiz.

After the fight Ortiz offered his congratulations to Nogueira.

"I gave it my all, man. I put my life in the cage," Ortiz said. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Little Nog was the better man tonight -- or at least the better fighter."


legend, Ortiz said he wants to fight at least one more time in the Octagon. He has earned the right to fight again, but at this point in his career, he's not on the same level as Nogueira.