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UFC 140: Frank Mir Submits Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Frank Mir defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140.UFC 140Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

tapped out.

Frank Mir

on Saturday night with 20 victories by submission and no submission losses. But that all ended when Frank Mir executed a brutal kimura from the top position, appearing to dislocate Nogueira's shoulder and force him to submit in the first round of their fight.

For Mir, it was the second victory of his career over Nogueira -- he also became the first person to finish Nogueira when he beat him by TKO three years ago.

"I'm the first person to knock him out and the first and only person to submit him," Mir said. "I hope that Nogueira is OK. I idolize him."

Although the way Mir finished the fight was brutal, Nogueira had the upper hand early on: Nogueira hit Mir hard with punches and appeared to be close to knocking Mir out. Mir was dazed and looked almost out of it before he recovered on the ground and executed a stunning reversal to get into position to force the tap out.

"I was stunned," Mir said. "He caught me."


fans thought they'd never witness. Now it has happened.