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Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson II Result Changed to No Contest

A controversial weekend match in Poland that ended with former World Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski on the winning end of a judges' decision has been changed to a no contest.

According to KSW company officials, a judge's error led to the incorrect initial announcement of Pudzianowski's win in the co-main event of their KSW 17 show.

The promotion said that judge Piotr Baginski scored the two-round fight in favor of Pudzianowski's opponent James Thompson on his official scorecard, but told the in-ring referee he had favored the local fighter. That gave Pudzianowski a majority decision.

Upon review of the scorecards, the fight was in fact a two-round draw, with one judge scoring it for each fighter, and the third having a 19-19 tie. Under KSW rules, a two-round draw is extended into overtime.

"Due to the fact that the overtime round did not happen, KSW owners along with KSW officials have decided to erase this fight from fighters' records and declare the sixth bout at KSW 17 a no contest," the promoters said in a statement announcing the change.

Company officials added that they would review scoring procedures to ensure such errors do not occur in future events.

With the new result, Pudzianowski's record is 3-2 with 1 no contest, while Thompson is 16-14 with 1 no contest.

The bout had been a rematch of their May 2011 fight, which Thompson won with a second-round arm triangle. There was no word given if the inconclusive second bout would lead to a third fight.

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