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UFC 139 Live Blog: Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann Updates

Martin Kampmann takes on Rick Story at UFC 139.UFC 139Rick StoryMartin KampmannUFC

pay-per-view from the HP Pavilion.

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Round 1: Josh Rosenthal is our referee for this one, and as soon as he gives the signal Story comes forward throwing bombs. Kampmann seems a little surprised by the all-out aggression so early, and Story takes advantage of the opportunity to back him up and swing for the fences. Kampmann is cut around his right eye and not looking terribly confident. Story keeps coming, throwing so hard he nearly falls over at one point. Story also seems to be cut now, also around the right eye. Story's throwing two heavy shots for every one Kampmann throws, and he's thinking knockout with every one. Takedown attempt by Story goes nowhere. He lunges in with a hook and gets tagged with a knee from Kampmann. Story's pace has slowed, but fortunately for him the round is over. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Story.

Round 2: Kampmann seems to be finding his rhythm now. He avoids a Story hook and then sticks him with a straight right. Story's corner admonishes him about hesitating, but seconds later he gets clipped again. Story catches Kampmann coming in and nails him with a left. Kampmann backpedals away and Story's corner shouts for him to "get in there." Kampmann manages a deceptive little leg trip for a takedown, landing in half-guard. Kampmann seems content to ride out the round on top, with less than a minute remaining. The crowd grows restless. The clock ticks down. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann.

Round 3: Story comes charging across the cage to start the final round, and Kampmann barely makes it out of his corner before Story's in his face. Kampmann avoids a couple big hooks and clinches up, but he can't hold on to Story for long. Story tries a takedown of his own, but Kampmann slips away from him. Both men have lost some of the steam from their punches. Kampmann clinches again and keeps trying to bring Story down from behind. The pace has slowed way down, and the crowd is not pleased. With a minute left, Story shoots and puts Kampmann down for the briefest of moments before Kampmann is up and reversing the situation. Kampmann takes Story's back in the final 20 seconds, but can't sink the choke before time runs out. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Kampmann.

Martin Kampmann def. Rick Story via split decision

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