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UFC 139: Ryan Bader Gets Back on Track, Knocks Out Jason Brilz

Ryan Bader beats Jason Brilz at UFC 139.Ryan Bader

is back.

Jason BrilzUFC 139

on Saturday night.

"Losing sucks. I was glad to get this win," Bader said afterward.

Jon JonesTito Ortiz

in August. But he made it look easy against Brilz: One hard right hand to Brilz's ear connected, and Brilz went down like a sack of potatoes. Brilz was out instantly and the referee quickly stepped in before Bader could do any further damage to him on the ground.

Vladimir Matyushenko

, Brilz has now lost by knockout in less than a minute twice in a row, and he hasn't won a fight in more than a year and a half overall.

For Bader, the win is a major relief. He needed this one, and he delivered in a big way.

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