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UFC 139: Martin Kampmann Beats Rick Story by Split Decision

Martin Kampmann punches Rick Story at UFC 139.Martin KampmannRick StoryUFC 139

, showing off a surprisingly superior ground game to come back and win after a tough first round.

One judge scored the fight 29-28 for Story, but the others scored it 30-27 Kampmann and 29-28 Kampmann, and Kampmann walked away with the split decision win.

Thiago Alves

They both came out swinging hard in the first round, connecting with punches to the head, and by midway through the round both men had big cuts over their left eyes. It was an exciting and close first round, but one that Story probably deserved to win, with a few more hard punches landed.

It was more of the same for the first half of the second round, as the fighters spent a couple minutes trading punches standing, but eventually Kampmann got Story on the ground, got on top of him and pounded away at him for the rest of the round. Kampmann definitely deserved to win the second for his dominance on the ground over the latter portion of the round.

The third round looked a lot like the second, with exchanges of punches early and then Kampmann controlling on the ground late. The fight ended with Kampmann having Story's back, and he deserved to win the round and the fight.

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