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UFC 139: Wanderlei Silva Beats Cung Le

Wanderlei SIlva punches Cung Le at UFC 139.UFC 139Wanderlei SilvaCung Le

and came back to win by second-round technical knockout.


fighters, but heading into this fight there was talk that it could be his last, as he had lost six of his previous eight. But this was a good showing for Silva, and one that demonstrated he has some fight left in him.

"It's an amazing moment for me," Silva said afterward.

The first round started with Le showing off his trademark barrage of spinning back fists and kicks from all angles, and in the early going he appeared to be frustrating Silva with his unorthodox striking. But once Silva began closing the distance and unloading combinations of punches, he began to hurt Le. As the fight went on Le had a cut on his eye, and Silva even connected a couple of kicks. It was a close to even first round.

In the second, we started to see the Silva of old: Punches, kicks and especially knees to the head in the clinch. With just seconds remaining in the second round, Silva wobbled Le with knees, and when Le went to the ground in a sloppy attempt to take Silva down, Silva hammered away at Le, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

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