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UFC on FOX Salaries & Suspensions: Junior dos Santos Earns $220,000 for Title Win

New UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos snagged the belt and the biggest disclosed payday at UFC on FOX, collecting $220,000 in salary and win bonus.

The California State Athletic Commission released the information to MMA Fighting on Thursday.

dos Santos beat champ Cain Velasquez in a 64-second knockout in the night's main event at the Honda Center in Anaheim. dos Santos also earned the night's Knockout of the Night bonus, pocketing another $65,000 and bringing his total disclosed payday to $285,000.

Velasquez earned a disclosed amount of $100,000, but likely earned far more as the UFC renegotiated his deal after moving his fight from pay-per-view to network television. Velasquez usually receives a cut of the pay-per-view proceeds.

Velasquez also received a mandatory 45-day suspension following his knockout loss.

Co-main event winner Ben Henderson earned $60,000 for his three-round unanimous decision over Clay Guida. The victory also earned Henderson the No. 1 contender spot in the lightweight division, and a February date with champ Frank Edgar.

Among injury issues, Kid Yamamoto was put on the shelf for 180 days after suffering a possible broken finger on his left hand. Suspensions can often be lifted early upon clearance from an orthopedist.

Full salary and suspension information is as follows:

Junior dos Santos - $220,000 ($110,00 salary/$110,000 win bonus)
Cain Velasquez - $100,000
Velasquez - 45 day suspension, 30 days no contact

Ben Henderson - $60,000 ($30,000/$30,000)
Clay Guida - $40,000
No suspensions

Dustin Poirier - $20,000 ($10,000/$10,000)
Pablo Garza - $8,000
No suspensions

Ricardo Lamas - $20,000 ($10,000/$10,000)
Cub Swanson - $15,000
No suspensions

Demarques Johnson - $28,000 ($14,000/$14,000)
Clay Harvison - $8,000
Harvison suspended for 45 days, 30 days no contact

Darren Uyenoyama - $12,000 ($6,000/$6,000)
Kid Yamamoto - $15,000
Uyenoyams suspended 60/60 cut to left eyebrow
Yamamoto 180/180 possible fracture to left hand finger

Robert Peralta - $16,000 ($8,000/$8,000)
Mackens Semerzier $8,000
Semerzier suspended 45/30 for TKO and 60/60 for cut to scalp

Alex Caceres - $16,000 ($8,000/$8,000)
Cole Escovedo $6,000
No suspensions

Mike Pierce- $36,000 ($18,000/$18,000)
Bradley $8,000
Bradley suspended 180/180 for possible left elbow fracture

Mike Lucas - $6,000
Aaron Rosa - $12,000 ($6,000/$6,000)
Rosa suspended 180/180 for possible left wrist fracture.