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Mainstream News Media Reaction to UFC on FOX Premiere Generally Positive

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UFCJunior dos SantosCain Velasquez

and capture the heavyweight championship in just 64 seconds.

While the fight wasn't the lengthy showcase of technique and skill many had hoped for, it at least presented the sport as a major event and spotlighted the human side of two of its best fighters, two things that should help future events as the UFC and FOX officially begin their deal in 2012.

In case you're wondering what the rest of the world is saying about UFC on FOX, here are some excerpts from mainstream media sources from the last two days.

Fox's UFC Broadcast a Hit with Viewers - The New York Times
"One reason Fox acquired the rights to the U.F.C. on broadcast and cable (FX) was to attract the often elusive demographic of young viewers, especially men 18 to 34. According to Nielsen figures, the U.F.C. broadcast generated a 4.3 rating among men 18 to 34, more than any college football telecast this season (through Nov. 5) except for the Louisiana State-Alabama game on Nov. 5."

A Few Thoughts about Tonight's UFC Fight - The San Francisco Chronicle
"Beyond the forgettable fight, most of the first UFC on Fox was well done. The broadcast team did a good job of keeping things simple for new fans, and then airing two mini-documentaries that revealed Dos Santos and Velasquez as introspective, humble and intelligent people. My UFC-averse wife was riveted, and ended up watching the fight with me. Velasquez' apology to fans after the fight also showed class. Even if the fight was a letdown, the broadcast did its job in breaking some false stereotypes about mixed martial arts."

UFC on FOX: What the Media is Saying - The Hollywood Reporter
"Reaction to the broadcast ranged from the humorous to the general consensus that Fox has a winner with the franchise."

Fight Night in America - Esquire
"Cain Velasquez walked into the cage, petrified, and they stared at each other and they kicked some little kicks and then, a minute into the kicking and the staring, Dos Santos sent a loopy and rather laughably slow right hook to Velasquez's left ear. Velasquez dropped to the canvas and then Dos Santos went and hit the s--- out of him eleven times. The referee took his sweet time to stop it. It was over. There was no blood. It wasn't very exciting."

Notes And Thoughts About UFC On Fox - Broadcasting and Cable
"Seriously, I read a lot of people on Twitter and elsewhere saying the 64-second KO was a nightmare for Fox. You couldn't be more wrong. People don't tune into UFC to see a ballet, especially the heavyweights. They tune into see someone get punched or kicked in the face and go to sleep. Sorry to say it out loud, but it's true. Believe me, I love the technical aspects of a beautiful ground game as much as anyone, but when heavyweights bang, the fans want a KO, and they got a big one."

Dos Santos Claims Velasquez's Belt in FOX Show - Associated Press


's violence, but not much else -- particularly if they returned late from a commercial break. Or even if they blinked."

UFC Proves It's Here to Stay - The (Toronto) Globe and Mail
"Resistance is futile. UFC is here to stay. Or, as our mother used to say, until somebody loses an eye."

UFC Was Never Meant for Mainstream - The International Business Times
"It's not the management of the UFC that will prohibit the sport from moving forward. The UFC will continue to expand its brand name recognition, and people will continue to tune in and watch the big fights. Mixed-martial arts isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and, therefore, UFC won't be going anywhere either. But as for UFC being part of a dinner conversation in most American homes, that will never, ever happen. The sport is too volatile on too many levels."

UFC Makes History with first Primetime Event on FOX - York Daily Record
"I'm not sure it gave new fans a full taste of what the sport's about - but hey, Mike Tyson fights used to end like that too. MMA fans, I think, are satisfied as long as they are entertained. And for a minute and four seconds, it was just that."

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