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UFC on FOX Live Blog: Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson Updates

Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson is a key lightweight battle on the UFC on FOX fight card.UFCClay GuidaBen HendersonUFC

on FOX event from the Honda Center.

The winner of this fight will challenge Frankie Edgar for the UFC lightweight strap. Former WEC champ Henderson (14-2) has won both his UFC fights against Mark Bocek and Jim Miller by unanimous decision. Guida (29-11) has won his last four fights and is coming off a win over Anthony Pettis.

Round 1: Herb Dean is our referee for this bout. He gives them the signal to start, and right away Guida comes bouncing out to the center of the cage, hair flying everywhere. They square off and swing away, and Guida goes down. He recovers quickly and reaches for Henderson's legs even as Henderson keeps peppering him with short punches. Guida keeps digging for the takedown and Henderson is forced to put all his energy into defending for the moment. A chant of "Guida!" erupts in the crowd. Henderson manages to turn Guida and put his back against the fence in the clinch. Guida distracts Henderson with a short hook and then nearly gets the takedown, but they settle for disengaging and moving back towards the center. Jumping knee attempt from Guida, then a hard right that hurts Henderson. Guida tries to lock up a guillotine as Henderson tries for the takedown to let himself recover. They separate in the final ten seconds and Henderson goes to work with kicks before the horn. The crowd roars its approval. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 2: Henderson catches Guida leaning in and hammers him with a knee. Guida shoots and gets the takedown, but can't keep Henderson down. Henderson turns it around with a takedown of his own, but Guida works up to his feet. Henderson works short punches and knees in the clinch, and Guida fires off a hook before getting another takedown. There is an awful lot of hair flying around in this cage. Henderson works back up and they continue battling in the clinch before working their way out. Spinning backfist from Guida surprises Henderson, but Guida loses his balance and tumbles to the mat. Henderson follows, looking to keep him down, and Guida nearly locks up a guillotine. Henderson gets off to the side and then takes Guida's back in the scramble, but there's not enough time for him to capitalize. MMA Fighting scores it 10-10.

Round 3: The crowd gives both fighters a huge ovation to start the third and final round. It doesn't take long before they square up and trade bombs again, with each man landing well. Henderson tosses out an axe kick that looks like something from a Taekwondo tournament. They clinch against the fence and Guida marches Henderson all the way across the cage in search of a takedown, but Henderson defends well and reverses him. Good knees in the clinch from Henderson, but Guida steps back with a hook and a head kick that both just miss. Henderson uses the whiffed kick to put Guida on his back, then takes his back when he tries to escape. Henderson has the body triangle here in the final minute, but Guida escapes and puts Henderson down. Guida's trying to lock up a guillotine from the top, but Henderson is hanging on, bucking from the bottom and forcing him to shift his weight. Guida's squeezing with everything he's got, but Henderson slips free and dumps him on his back, standing up and blasting away to the back of his head just before the horn. Herb Dean steps in to correct this, but the fight's already over, so it's just a friendly conversation. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Guida.

Ben Henderson def. Clay Guida via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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