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UFC to Bring Back Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer


events much longer.

UFC president Dana White late Wednesday asked his Twitter followers if the UFC should bring back Palmer and within the hour, White had an answer.

"Done! The votes have been counted and Brittney Palmer is back."

White told in August that Palmer never officially parted ways but pointed to Palmer's artistic aspirations as a reason for her absence.

"Nothing happened with Brittney Palmer. It's one of those situations where Brittney has moved onto other things. She's living in L.A. now. She wants to be an artist and she's going to art school."

Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell are the two other active UFC Octagon girls. During Palmer's absence, model Vanessa Hanson was brought in once as a guest Octagon girl at UFC 136 as a prize for winning a Transworld Surf open model search.

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