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MMA Fighting Sold to Vox Media

VOX MediaVox Media, the parent company of SB Nation, announced on Monday that it has acquired from AOL.

"I'm really excited to announce here that MMAFighting and SB Nation are going to team up together," Vox Chairman and CEO Jim Bankoff said in an appearance on The MMA Hour.

Bankoff said the audience shouldn't expect to see many changes in the site.

"When you talk about MMAFighting, it's the team of people behind it and the audience and community that the team has built up, and the audience it engages in," Bankoff said. "We're going to do everything we can to support the people who make it all possible and support the audience that makes it all possible." will join MMANation, MMAMania and Bloody Elbow as part of SB Nation's portfolio of combat sports sites. Bankoff said MMAMania and Bloody Elbow would remain separate sites, while over time MMAFighting will become the MMA hub of SB Nation.

"SB Nation, unlike a lot of other sports sites, has from the beginning put an emphasis on the coverage of MMA," Bankoff said. "We're proud of the people behind those sites."

Bankoff said will remain largely the same site going forward that it is now.

"All the great work that is done, whether it's the interviews, the video, the community interaction, all of that is going to stay at the level if not be bigger and better than where it is today," Bankoff said.

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