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UFC 138: Michihiro Omigawa Beats Jason Young, Notches First UFC Win

Omigawa beats Jason Young at UFC 138.Michihiro Omigawa finally has a win inside the Octagon.

Omigawa, who had a sensational run in Japan in 2009 and 2010, just hadn't been able to turn it on in the UFC, losing his first four fights in the Octagon. But on Saturday at UFC 138, Omigawa finally got his first UFC win, beating Jason Young by unanimous decision at UFC 138.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Omigawa, who struggled with Young's stand-up in the first round but controlled the fight on the ground in rounds two and three.

"It's really good to get my first win here," Omigawa said afterward.

Young knocked Omigawa back with a body kick late in the first round and landed a couple of solid knees, and he deserved to win the round, although Young's right eye was badly swollen at the end of the round, thanks to an accidental clash of heads.

Early in the second round Omigawa took Young down and got into side control, but Young did a great job of pushing Omigawa off and getting back to his feet. However, Omigawa then secured another takedown and stayed in side control for most of the rest of the round, a round Omigawa clearly won.

They traded strikes in a good stand-up exchange early in the third round, then went to the ground where Omigawa attempted a heel hook that Young was able to escape. But Omigawa once again got Young down and once again stayed in control for most of the round, and that was enough to win the third, and the fight.

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