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Chad Mendes Likely Next Title Challenger for Jose Aldo

Jose AldoKenny FlorianUFC

featherweight championship defense when his future was already being decided.

Chad Mendes

, according to UFC president Dana White.

When asked if Mendes was the next No. 1 contender, White agreed, but with a caveat.

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"I'm pretty sure, yeah," he said. "But we'll see. Maybe Frankie [Edgar] calls me and says he wants to move to 145. We'll see what happens."

Edgar, though, made it pretty clear after his fourth-round TKO win over Gray Maynard that a move to featherweight is his ace in the hole, and it's not a move he plans to make while he still holds the lightweight championship. Unless he has a change of heart, that should clearly leave Mendes in position to try to unseat Aldo.

Rani YahyaMMA

Fighting on Friday that he was hopeful of the matchup.

"I think I match up better than anybody in the division," he said. "Obviously my standup is nowhere near his. I'm not an idiot. I know that. But, I think with my wrestling credentials, my strength, my athleticism, I don't think he's faced anybody like that yet. And for me to get in there, put him on his back and take him out of his comfort zone, I think that's going to be key to beating a guy like that."

Aldo moved to 20-1 by beating Florian. The win was his 13th straight.