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UFC 136 Live Blog: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard Updates

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard at UFC 136.UFC 136Gray Maynard

, the main event of tonight's UFC 136 pay-per-view from the Toyota Center.

Lightweight champion Edgar (13-1-1) would be holding a perfect MMA record if it wasn't for Maynard (10-0-1). Edgar lost to Maynard at a UFC Fight Night event back in April 2008 and earlier this year, fought Maynard to a draw at UFC 125.

Round 1: Low stance from both to open. Edgar opens with a leg kick. Maynard throws a kick and Edgar catches it. Big right from Edgar. Edgar with a combo. Edgar drives and nearly takes Maynard down. Maynard grabbed the fence but ref Josh Rosenthal let them continue. Maynard tried a head kick that missed. Maynard rocked Edgar. Maynard with a left hook. No flurry this time. He's being patient. Edgar clinches. Edgar with a straight right. Maynard misses a power left hook. The crowd chants for Edgar with two minutes left. Maynard floors him with a hook. Edgar tries for the takedown. Maynard lets him up. Maynard with an uppercut. Edgar is in trouble. Over a minute left. Maynard with a headkick. Maynard with a knee to the head. Edgar down. Maynard with punches from behind. Edgar back to his feet. He's all heart. Edgar looks unsteady and has blood in his eye. Maynard taking his time picking his shots, and a lot are landing. Edgar's nose is leaking blood. They make it to the horn, Maynard 10-9, probably 10-8. Here we go again...

Round 2: Maynard a little slow out of the gate. Edgar lands a strong left hook early. Maynard isn't letting his hands go with the same fearlessness of round one. Lesson learned, perhaps. Edgar is back to dancing. Maynard is making Edgar chase him. Edgar is obliging but isn't landing as much as he'd like. He drives for a takedown. Maynard defends but Edgar lands a hook on the way out. Edgar with some nice body punching as his volume starts to add up. A much better round for Edgar, and it's his 10-9.

Round 3: Maynard looks like he's going to shift back into aggressiveness this round. He's coming forward again. Edgar with kicks from the outside. Edgar tries another takedown, but he's stifled. Maynard lands a right behind the ear. Edgar with a front kick to the body. Big right cross by Edgar. Both land in an exchange. This is going to be a close round to score as we go under a minute. Body kick by Edgar. This isn't a clear-cut round but I give it to Edgar 10-9.

Round 4: Edgar with a right hand. Edgar with a clinch uppercut. Maynard fires back a right that misses. Edgar with another right. Edgar's left eye is swelling up. Maynard shoots and Edgar stuffs it. Edgar knocks Maynard back with a right uppercut. Edgar is beginning to take over. Leg kicks now. This fight is almost a carbon copy of their last one. We could be headed to another draw. Edgar slips out of another takedown try. Maynard hasn't him Edgar clean in a while. Edgar drops Maynard with an uppercut. Maynard is hurt bad. Edgar goes in for the kill. He finds his target. Maynard goes down face first. Edgar with some shots to the grounded challenger and it's over.

Winner: Frankie Edgar via fourth-round TKO (3:54)

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