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UFC 136 Live Blog: Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan Updates

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan at UFC 136.UFC 136Leonard GarciaNam Phan

, a featherweight bout on tonight's UFC 136 pay-per-view from the Toyota Center.

Garcia (15-7-1) holds a controversial split decision win over Nam Phan from last December. Phan (16-9) is in search of his first UFC win after losses to Garcia and Mike Brown.

Round 1: Phan walks Garcia down, but Garcia fires off first. Each time Phan wades close, Garcia is throwing his hands. Phan backs Garcia against the cage and lands a few strikes. Phan scored with a right hand. It was hard to tell if Garcia was knocked down or slipped but it looked like the latter. Phan took the top position. The ref broke them up fairly quickly and restarted things. The two exchanged and Phan drilled Garcia with a headkick and left hook. Garcia shot in for a takedown and Phan turned it into a judo throw. Back to their feet in a quick-paced round. Phan just continues to move forward. Garcia tries a spinning back kick but misses. Garcia gets rocked by a right. Garcia tries a takedown. Phan catches him with a right hand and Garcia goes down. Phan was transitioning to his back as time ran out. It's Phan, 10-9.

Round 2: Wild pace to start round two. Phan is getting the better of the exchanges, with Garcia just firing back wildly and beginning to revert to the "Bad Boy" of old. Phan just missed a head kick but snapped Garcia's head back with a cross. Phan is also doing a lot of body punching too. Phan is scoring at will here. His punches are straighter. In one sequence he rocked Garcia with a straight right, then a body punch that Garcia recoiled from. Garcia hasn't landed anything of note in a while. Just as I type that, a right hand lands. Garcia has a cut below his right eye now. He looks beat up while Phan isn't even breathing hard. Phan peppers him until the final bell. Phan, 10-9.

Round 3: Garcia comes out headhunting. He's grunting with every strike, going for maximum power. Phan counters one surge with a left hook behind the ear. Garcia suddenly floors Phan with a left hook of his own. Phan hurt. Crowd erupts. Garcia flurries. Phan walking around the cage as Garcia throws power shots. Some connect, some don't. Phan still on his feet and initiates a clinch. They break with 3:00 left. Phan looks OK now. That might have been Garcia's last stand. He's exahausted. Phan firing. Garcia can't even put his hands up to block, just lets Phan hit him. Phan takes him down with two minutes left. Phan with smal body punches. Forty seconds in, the ref stands them up. There will be no stalling here. Garcia with kicks, a spinning backfist. He is still firing. Garcia tries for the takedown but Phan sprawls. Crowd cheers them to the final horn. Garcia with a left hook and they exchange to the horn. What a slugfest. That's got to be your fight of the night right there.

Winner: Nam Phan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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