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UFC 136: Chael Sonnen Submits Brian Stann, Calls Out Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen picks up Brian Stann UFC 136.Chael SonnenBrian StannUFC 136


It was a one-sided beating by Sonnen, who completely outclassed Stann on the ground and forced him to tap to an arm-triangle choke at 3 minutes, 51 seconds of round 2.

UFCAnderson Silva


Super Bowl

weekend, the biggest rematch in the history of the business. I'm calling you out, Silva, but we're upping the stakes. I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I will leave the UFC forever."


. Sonnen came out fast and clinched with Stann immediately, and after working at it for a little more than a minute, Sonnen secured a takedown and got into side control. From there it was a dominant round for Sonnen: He relentlessly beat on Stann on the ground, and Stann was able to do nothing about it.

Within five seconds of the second round, Sonnen jumped on Stann again and dominated him. The referee stood the fight back up midway through the second round, and Stann briefly hurt Sonnen with a couple of punches, but that was just a speed bump for Sonnen, who picked Stann up, slammed him down, and finished him off.

And with that, Sonnen's long-awaited rematch with Silva is just a matter of time.